Bubble gum OEM company explains the marketing breakthrough core of the candy industry

Bubble gum OEM company said that the marketing breakthrough of the candy industry needs to solve two core problems, namely, who will eat candy and who will sell candy.

The positioning of the candy industry needs to be adjusted from the previously limited traditional festival food and festive goods to joy goods, energy supplement and emotion regulation products, healthy and fashionable food and sharing equipment, so as to become a close partner in consumers’ life.

Bubble gum OEM company said that bring candy back to people’s sight, and add a trace of sweetness and joy to life by creating a new candy packaging, shaping a new functional appeal and modern concept and impression of candy to convey emotion and joy.

Relieve people’s psychological burden of eating candy, take candy as a warm substitute for breakfast, and supplement a candy as an energy gas station when there is no time to eat breakfast. A warm candy when you are tired and busy can effectively prevent hypoglycemia and adjust your mood.

Bubble gum OEM company said that at the same time, reduce the sweetness to better meet the health choices and taste needs of modern people, remind everyone to remember to gargle after eating candy, and don’t be greedy for sweetness before going to bed, so as to eliminate the health concerns of mothers that their children will get tooth decay after eating sugar.

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Bubble gum OEM company explain innovation in candy industry

The small package, youth, fashion, low sugar, health and multi taste of candy are the treasure book of marketing breakthrough in the candy industry.

Let colorful candy become a necessity for people’s daily thoughts and sharing, whether for their own use, sharing or wedding banquet, seize office workers and students, re impress consumers, cultivate the consumption habits of modern people, let people remember to consume candy, have an atmosphere and desire to eat, know that these domestic products are still there, and don’t let the loneliness of tradition and classics disappear.

Bubble gum OEM company said that the reason why the candy industry is silent is due to the lack of nature and innovation. Pushing through the old and bringing forth the new will continue to surprise and move us.

Bubble gum OEM company said that commodities in the new era can conquer the new elderly group at the same time. Even if the price is not low, this is the premium added value of brand commodities.

After solving the problem of who will eat candy, we should also solve the practical problem of who will sell candy.

Bubble gum OEM company said that due to the increasingly limited sales of candy, distributors do not have much power and attraction, lack of strength and promotion efforts, and rely on enterprises to struggle hard in the market, the sales naturally become thinner and thinner, and finally become a dead cycle of decline.

Let distributors see the sales growth hope of the candy industry, re choose to be powerful customers of beverages and other products, and attract customers to jointly promote and interpret with more abundant profit margin, so that the candy industry can get back on the road and see the hope of revitalization.

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