Bubble gum OEM company explains using note of flavors and fragrances

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    Bubble gum OEM company say choose the right flavor type

    Bubble gum OEM company say that according to the production process of chewing tablet sugar and the particularity of its products, according to its moisture content, it is basically close to that of hard sugar, but it does not need to be boiled in the processing process.

    Therefore, from the perspective of raw material mixing, powder flavor should be preferred. Liquid flavors can also be used, preferably with oily flavor.

    Bubble gum OEM company say that in particular, the microencapsulated powdered flavor has an additional advantage, that is, it is nonvolatile in the dry state and therefore has a longer shelf life.

    Powder flavors and liquid flavors can also be used in actual production.

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    Make full use of the compound technology of flavors to obtain satisfactory flavoring effect

    Bubble gum OEM company say at present, chewing tablet sugar has developed from single taste and taste to compound taste. Through the collocation or matching of flavors, the flavour can be formed.

    It can also be obtained through adding various raw materials and processed products with strong fragrance, and being a reasonable collocation of basic flavor materials, and then we can obtain the harmony, harmony and perfection of the fragrance.

    Bubble gum OEM company say for example, when producing green tea flavor, green tea ultra-fine powder or extract can be added to highlight its natural tea flavor.

    Bubble gum OEM company say when it comes to mint flavor, it is blended with peppermint essence, spearmint, coolant and other spices. Its products are refreshing, tasty and healthy.

    When the essence is mixed, it is necessary to maintain the original flavor characteristics and pursue new styles.

    The main and auxiliary shall be separated to avoid the intersection of fragrance types.

    According to the production experience, first select a fragrance type as the main fragrance, and then add one or two kinds of fragrance as the supplement.

    For example, when fruit flavor is cool, fruit flavor and flavor should be chosen as the main flavor, supplemented with peppermint oil essence and refreshing agent.

    In this way, a small amount of mint is added to the fruit aroma, which is particularly refreshing and delicious.

    Bubble gum OEM company proper control of flavor intensity, mastery of flavor addition and addition time.

    Too much or too little flavor will bring bad effects. The suitable dosage of flavor is usually found in the product development and trial production through many tests to find a better flavor addition.

    At the same time, the needs of different countries, nationalities, locations and product characteristics should be taken into account to determine the aroma, aroma and concentration of tablet sugar.

    In addition, because the spices contain a lot of volatile substances and are unstable in heat, the essence should be added after the drying process.

    Bubble gum OEM company powdered flavor can be directly added, liquid essence is generally sprayed into the particles, and closed tight 30min, so that it enters the particles.

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