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What food can’t be eaten with dark chocolate

China dark chocolate wholesaler said that milk and chocolate with food prone to diarrhea.

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while chocolate contains oxalic acid. If the two are eaten together, calcium in milk will combine with oxalic acid in chocolate to form calcium oxalate insoluble in water. After eating, it will not only not be absorbed, but also have diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms, affecting growth and development.


Bread and chocolate with high blood sugar. Bread and chocolate contain sugar, especially in diabetics. If they eat together, the blood sugar will increase rapidly after meal.

China dark chocolate wholesaler


China dark chocolate wholesaler said that because chocolate is a high calorie, high sugar and high-fat food, it can’t be eaten with high sugar soda or juice. But you can drink tea when you eat chocolate, because the active ingredients in tea can absorb the oil in chocolate, thus reducing the probability of accumulating.

Goats ‘ milk

Goat milk and chocolate, goat milk calcium and chocolate oxalic acid combined into calcium oxalate, can cause dry hair.


China dark chocolate wholesaler said that sesame and chocolate together can affect the intestinal digestion. Because chocolate contains a lot of oxalic acid, and oxalic acid will combine with the calcium contained in sesame to form calcium oxalate, which has a certain inhibitory effect on the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Notes on dark chocolate by China dark chocolate wholesaler

  1. Dark chocolate can’t be eaten with milk, soda, bread, goat’s milk and sesame.

2.People with heartache should avoid eating chocolate, especially those who feel hot after eating chocolate.

3.If pregnant women eat too much chocolate, it will have adverse effects on the development of the baby.

4.Children under 8 years old should not eat chocolate. Chocolate contains substances that excite the nervous system, which will make it difficult for children to fall asleep and cry.

5.diabetics should eat less or not eat chocolate.

6.Menstrual women try not to eat chocolate. Although chocolate can produce short-term euphoria, women who eat too much chocolate during menstruation can aggravate menstrual irritability and breast pain.


How to eat dark chocolate to lose weight

China dark chocolate factory said that chocolate is divided into dark chocolate and white chocolate. Most of the dark chocolate is made of cocoa powder, which has higher nutritional value than white chocolate and is more healthy. So does dark chocolate contain sugar.

There is almost no perfect dark chocolate without sugar on the market, and it is very bitter without sugar at all, which is hard for ordinary people to swallow. Dark chocolate contains a substance called flavanols, which can stabilize blood sugar, so pure sugar free dark chocolate can fight diabetes. Dark chocolate is not sugar free chocolate.

China dark chocolate factory said dark chocolate is hard and slightly bitter. It generally refers to the chocolate with cocoa solids content between 70% and 99%, or milk content less than 12%. With the increase of cocoa content, the sugar content of dark chocolate naturally decreases. And the cocoa content is high, the heat is relatively low, many benefits to the body.

How to eat dark chocolate to lose weight?

The best time to lose weight with dark chocolate

China dark chocolate factory said dark chocolate to lose weight, when to eat is also a knack. For example, half an hour before a meal can better control appetite, 3 hours after a meal can relieve hunger, and half an hour before exercise, it is suggested to eat some dark chocolate, which can improve exercise ability, and is conducive to the recovery of glycogen after long-term exercise.

Weight loss to choose high cocoa content of dark chocolate

The best dark chocolate is unprocessed. Most of the processed dark chocolate reduces the cocoa content and adds too much sugar and fat, so you should read the ingredients on the package before you buy it.

Choose dark chocolate to lose weight, the best chocolate cocoa content of about 75%. Try to choose the pure dark chocolate with high quality. The difference in taste is directly proportional to the quality of cocoa, so as not to absorb too much heat.