China bubble gum wholesaler talks about bubble gum

China bubble gum wholesaler says that bubble gum, due to its special playful properties, has become a childhood memory of the post-80s and 90s.

However, with the rise of all kinds of sugar games and the strengthening of parents’ safety awareness, at the same time, all kinds of clear mouth candy and xylitol emerge one after another, which has compressed the market space of bubble gum and gradually disappeared from the vision of consumers.

China bubble gum wholesaler says that this kind of watermelon shaped bubble gum in a large glass jar is all over the country.

Even in rural villages where the radiation range of the canteen is limited, there will be peddlers with shoulder poles to bring children the sweetness similar to watermelon.

This bubble gum has disadvantages. It will become hard after chewing for a while, which is not convenient to blow out bubbles. In addition, it will lose its sweetness soon.

China bubble gum wholesaler says that for children of that era, cheap watermelon bubble gum had met all their needs for bubble gum.

Nowadays, the development of children’s snack consumption market tends to be healthy and nutritious.

With the development of the times, watermelon bubble gum in childhood also disappeared from people’s choice list due to the improvement of consumption level and the growth of consumption consciousness.

China bubble gum wholesaler talk about industry development trend

China bubble gum wholesaler says that when it comes to bubble gum, you think of big rolls. In that era when buying snacks was calculated by a dime or two, dada ranked among the “expensive snacks” with an absolute “high price”.

The price advantage of large roll lies in its unique and novel packaging.

When other bubble gum is still sold in transparent cans, large roll has got rid of the limitations of bulk sales and has its unique round box packaging.

China bubble gum wholesaler says that for children, toys often have an irresistible attraction. At that time, large volumes contain novel and interesting cartoon toys, which also determines their position in children’s hearts.

At the same time, the moderate soft and hard taste of big bubble gum has also become the best weapon in the bubble blowing competition among children.

China bubble gum wholesaler

With Wrigley’s acquisition of part of the candy business of Jiakou group under Dagu’s parent company agulimin candy group, Dagu bubble gum gradually disappeared in people’s sight, and it was difficult to find a trace offline.

Bibab bubble gum has been a competitor of dabab bubble gum since it entered the Chinese market in 1994.

China bubble gum wholesaler says that although bibab is also positioned as a “play” product, it is essentially different from the physical small toys in large volumes. Bibab’s “play” attribute is reflected in various stickers, which fully reflects the sugar play trend of that era.

When it comes to stickers, the post-90s generation may have a deep feeling. Bibab seized the consumption trend of children at that time and appeared various stickers that could reflect the image of product IP as gifts in the package of bubble gum, which was once popular all over the country.

China bubble gum wholesaler says that at the same time, bibab’s rich and diverse tastes were also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, capturing the taste buds of children at that time and becoming one of its biggest product features. In addition, due to the continuous enrichment of tastes, different forms of IP images gradually occupied the memory of consumers.

Subsequently, bibab’s four grid cartoon was launched, which became one of the rare IP candy snacks in that era.

With the gradual retreat of the big volume, bibab quickly occupied the bubble gum Market and became the “post era king” in the bubble gum field.

Due to the establishment of IP image in the early years, bibab has ushered in new development opportunities in today’s era of IP prevalence.

Where will the future of bubble gum go? With the promotion of consumption upgrading, contemporary consumer demand is constantly changing.

It has become a fact that bubble gum fades out of our sight and is replaced by functional chewing gum such as green arrow, Yida and xuanmai.

Bubble gum, as a traditional sugar game product, wants to rise again, we must solve the problems existing in the product from the perspective of consumer demand. In addition, IP and playfulness are only used as an auxiliary way to attract consumers.

In the future, if bubble sugar products want to gain in market competition, the core still lies in product R & D and innovation.

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