China chocolate factory teaches how to choose chocolate

Before buying chocolate, we need to clarify two concepts, one is cocoa butter, the other is a substitute for cocoa butter.

China chocolate factory points out the difference of raw materials

China chocolate factory pointed out cocoa butter is a product made from pure cocoa beans through cleaning, screening, roasting, shelling, grinding, pressing and other processes. The liquid is amber, and the solid state is light yellow or milky yellow, with the unique aroma of cocoa. Because the output is limited and it is not easy to preserve at room temperature, the price is expensive, but the unsaturated fatty acids contained in it are beneficial to health and have antioxidant function.

Cocoa butter substitute is a kind of ingredient whose melting point and taste are similar to cocoa butter, which is made from vegetable oil by hydrogenation or non hydrogenation. Its cost is low and its price is not expensive.

It can be seen that the chemical composition of the two is very different. At the same time, a large number of trans fatty acids will be produced in the hydrogenation of cocoa butter. China chocolate factory said that For people who can’t choose chocolate, it’s easy to buy fake chocolate made of cocoa butter!

China chocolate factory


China chocolate factory said look at the ingredients list

For chocolate with good quality, there must be cocoa butter, cocoa liquid block and cocoa powder in the ingredient list, and the higher the content is, because the content is high in front of the ingredient list, and the order decreases in turn.

As long as it is a regular brand of chocolate, the packaging “ingredients” will be marked with cocoa liquid block or cocoa butter and the content. The higher the content, the better the quality of this chocolate! If the cocoa butter content is less than 25%, it is recommended to buy carefully.

However, the higher the content of chocolate cocoa butter, the better the quality, but it does not mean that the taste is necessarily good.

Take dark chocolate for example. More than 95% of the cocoa butter content is really bitter, therefore, when selecting chocolate, we must choose the ingredients with “cocoa butter, cocoa liquid block and cocoa”, or one of these three ingredients.

China chocolate factory indicates that you can see the product name

The product name mentioned here is not the big trademark on the package, but the product name in the product details.

According to the national standard, if the content of any fat in the ingredients other than “cocoa butter” exceeds 5%, the word “chocolate instead of cocoa butter” shall be clearly marked on the package, and the product marked with cocoa butter can not be called chocolate. So the choice of chocolate depends on the product name.


One of the key factors determining the taste of chocolate is cocoa butter. Chocolate made of cocoa butter tastes delicate and smooth, while chocolate products instead of cocoa butter are rough and difficult to dissolve in the mouth.

In addition, because the melting point of cocoa butter chocolate is low, it can be soft in hand, and the substitute cocoa butter “chocolate” is not easy to become soft.

China chocolate factory reminded everyone to remember that when buying chocolate, you should not only look at the price, but also look at the ingredient list. You must see the product ingredients, such as non cocoa butter (including cocoa butter and cocoa butter substitutes).

 More than 5% of the products cannot be called chocolate and should not be confused by the word “chocolate” on the package.

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