China chocolate manufacturer talk about classification and storage

China chocolate manufacturer says difference between taste and melting effect

The remarkable feature of all kinds of chocolate sold in China’s market is that it is only soluble in the mouth but not in the hand.

Moreover, the technological level will achieve better cohesion of cocoa butter and avoid melting in market sales.

China’s famous chocolate adopts better chocolate fermentation technology and temperature control ability to ensure higher quality taste, which can not only ensure better melting effect, but also ensure its own delicate taste.

This quick melting chocolate is very different from the chocolate products sold in China in terms of its melting ability and taste.

Differences between chocolate raw materials and processing technology

The picking and quality of raw materials directly affect the taste of this chocolate.

In order to ensure higher quality, China chocolate manufacturer will take more stringent international standards as the premise when screening cocoa beans.

It not only ensures the high-end grade, but also ensures better performance in grinding fineness and baking effect.

In this processing technology, the fast melting chocolate adopts the international advanced technology level and foreign precision equipment as the premise, which fundamentally improves the grinding effect of this fast melting chocolate.

To sum up, the continuous improvement of chocolate processing technology in the chocolate market has made many products recognized by many people.

The taste and preservation of instant chocolate are also significantly different from traditional chocolate, according to the taste characteristics and processing methods.

When choosing chocolate, customers should also distinguish between instant chocolate and traditional chocolate, so as to choose chocolate with more delicate and delicious taste.

China chocolate manufacturer suggests that chocolate raw materials processing mainly refers to cocoa beans, which is the core ingredient of chocolate.

So, what’s the point when dealing with cocoa beans?

We should grasp it from three points: temperature, time and baking method.

China chocolate manufacturer

At the right temperature, cocoa beans will show color and aroma.

Moreover, the baking time should be accurately controlled. Insufficient processing time of chocolate raw materials will lead to excess moisture of cocoa beans and subsequent peeling can not be carried out smoothly.

In addition, the baking method, including indirect hot air heating and direct contact with appliances, is selected according to the quality of raw materials and the expected effect.

China chocolate manufacturer says storage method

When people buy coffee beans, they often find tips on how to store coffee beans on the coffee bean packaging bag, but they rarely see how to store chocolate on the chocolate packaging.

China chocolate manufacturer says that chocolate lovers may buy a lot of chocolate for a while, but they won’t finish it in a short time.

Then you may find that your chocolate has melted, but in fact, as long as you know some tips, it’s quite easy to keep your chocolate fresh. Here are some chocolate storage methods.

Don’t refrigerate

Although you may naturally put chocolate in the refrigerator, chocolate easily absorbs the taste of other things.

China chocolate manufacturer says that the smell of other foods will be absorbed by chocolate, and the taste of chocolate is not pure.

Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Taking chocolate out of a low-temperature refrigerator and exposing it to a warm room will lead to icing of chocolate.

Why? Because when water is deposited on the surface of chocolate, the sugar in chocolate will float to the top and dissolve.

China chocolate manufacturer says that as the water evaporates, sugar crystals remain on the surface of chocolate, which is commonly known as chocolate flowering.

Although icing precipitation is not chocolate deterioration, it does affect the texture and taste of chocolate.

Store in a cool, dry place

Chocolate is stored in a dry, cool and dark place. Ideally, the temperature should be between 15 ° C and 18 ° C (59 ° f-64 ° f). It is important that the temperature be constant.

The ideal place for daily chocolate preservation is in a tasteless sealed box in the food cabinet.

Sealed container

Store chocolate in a sealed container away from smell or moisture. Cocoa butter in chocolate can easily absorb the fragrance of nearby objects.

That’s why we usually don’t recommend storing chocolate with coffee. Some chocolate bars have resealable packaging. If not, it is recommended to use a zipper bag seal to keep the chocolate fresh.

Stay away from light

Any kind of light, natural or artificial, will lead to the oxidation of chocolate. In addition, direct sunlight can cause chocolate to heat up and melt.

This is how chocolate manufacturer Romeo stores chocolate.

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