Why should China chocolate be warmed?

The melting point of China chocolate is very low, and it will melt at 40-50 ℃. Therefore, chocolate is usually melted by heating in hot water.

If it is heated by direct fire, it is likely to be charred, so it needs to be very cautious. The thermal conductivity of China chocolate is very poor.

It needs to be cut into relatively uniform pieces to accelerate ablation.

Besides temperature, the enemy of China chocolate is water. When a small amount of water is mixed into the melted chocolate, the water will be locked by the chocolate, condensed into a mass, and small lumps will occur.

Only by adding a large amount of high-temperature liquid can it become chocolate sauce, just like Ganesh.

Cocoa butter in China chocolate is composed of a variety of fatty acids. It begins to soften at 28 ℃ and melts into liquid at 33 ℃. Its condensation point and ablation point are very narrow.

Do we hold the China chocolate in our hands or solid, put it in our mouth and melt it in a moment?

It is the body temperature that contributes to the change of cocoa butter from solid to liquid. The properties of cocoa butter are important properties of chocolate.

China chocolate is stored at 15-18 ℃. After chocolate is stored for a period of time, its appearance will turn white and look like a layer of cream. This is fat bloom, the crystallization of cocoa butter, commonly known as oil spots.

This is due to the ablation of unstable cocoa crystals, moving to the surface, where they crystallize from scratch.

China chocolate needs temperature regulation. The appearance is to make China chocolate more beautiful and taste better at room temperature, prevent oil spots and facilitate shaping from scratch.

China chocolate

The first step of temperature regulation of China chocolate

Melt and mix the chocolate into liquid, then mix the cooled chocolate and mix the warm chocolate.

The three stages have specific temperature requirements, which is called the temperature regulation curve of chocolate. If the temperature is not in place, it needs to be manufactured from scratch.

The China chocolate primary method of temperature regulation

Small batch chocolate products mainly use the desktop cooling method to adjust the temperature, which is more suitable for small dessert shops and studios.

If the output is large, it is generally operated directly by the thermostat.

Another method of China chocolate temperature regulation in chocolate wholesale is sowing method, which is the method of mixing melted chocolate with solid chocolate, dissolving all chocolate, cooling and heating at the same time.

China chocolate meaning of agitation

Just melt the chocolate and let it cool itself? Don’t you need desktop cooling?

The answer is, of course, No. First of all, the temperature regulating process of chocolate always needs mixing.

Chocolate stirring method can promote the transformation from unstable crystal to stable crystal and produce chain reaction; The interlock of this stable crystal is a process, which requires enough time, so the temperature can’t be lowered too fast.

The fat substitute products do not need temperature regulation because they do not contain cocoa butter. Of course, it is not chocolate and cannot reflect the texture, gloss and ductility of chocolate.

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