China chocolate supplier explains the development trend of chocolate in the world

China chocolate supplier said that although chocolate processing is developing continuously, they are all natural cocoa bean products.

Because cocoa beans are strictly limited by natural climate conditions, the output is far from meeting the needs of chocolate production and development

Therefore, there are oils and fats that replace cocoa butter to produce chocolate. Some of these oils and fats are extracted from other plants, which are similar to cocoa butter in nature, and are called cocoa butter.

China chocolate supplier said that there are also cocoa butter substitutes extracted from other plant oils by hydrogenation, crystallization and separation, which are raw materials for chocolate production.

In order to distinguish the chocolate produced by these substitute oils, some countries and regions have formulated some common competition regulations.

For example, the European community, Britain, Ireland and Denmark stipulate that the substitute lipids in chocolate should be less than 5%.

China chocolate supplier said that those exceeding the limit are not directly called “chocolate” to avoid confusion.

In order to distinguish it from natural cocoa butter chocolate, Japan calls fat substitute chocolate “quasi chocolate”. Nevertheless, fat substitute chocolate has inevitably developed all over the world and become a new trend.

China chocolate supplier

China chocolate supplier said that the production and development of chocolate has tended to be saturated in developed countries, such as Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, while developing countries are in an emerging state, such as Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

China chocolate supplier said that the total sales volume of candy and chocolate in the world is about 12 million tons at the end of the 20th century, of which chocolate accounts for 43%, about 5.16 million tons.

It is predicted that the total sales volume in 2010 will exceed 17 million tons, of which chocolate will exceed 7 million tons.

At present, the output of candy and chocolate in China is about 1.4 million tons, while chocolate accounts for only about 10%, and the output is about 140000 tons.

It can be seen that China’s chocolate market has great development space.

China chocolate supplier said that the pursuit of varieties of chocolate in developed regions of the world is to combine new chocolate production technology, new materials and new packaging applications to create high-value and exquisite quality.

With the continuous improvement of purchasing power, population growth and intermediate consumption in emerging markets of developing countries, chocolate production will continue to rise.

However, with the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness in the world, chocolate requiring low sugar, low calories and more nutrition is increasing day by day.

From the traditional hobby to the demand for functionality, the two mainstream of chocolate production have been formed.

China chocolate supplier teach how to store chocolate?

Chocolate is fragile and has a low melting point, which is easy to melt and difficult to store. If you want to store chocolate for a long time, temperature and humidity will affect it.

Therefore, if you want to store chocolate for a long time, you should pay special attention to the storage environment.

Shelf life by composition

China chocolate supplier said that in terms of composition, the shelf life of different chocolates is different.

The melting point of substitute cocoa butter chocolate is slightly higher than that of cocoa butter chocolate, so it is not as easy to dissolve as cocoa butter chocolate, but the shelf life of some chocolates will be relatively short.

For example, the shelf life of chocolates with nuts and fresh milk will be shorter.

Generally, the shelf life of pure chocolate is about one year, while chocolate with other ingredients can only be preserved for about half a year.

When you buy chocolate, remember to look at the production date and shelf life first. Don’t put it too long.

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