China chocolate wholesaler explain chocolate raw materials processing method?

China chocolate wholesaler from chocolate raw materials, to the production of chocolate, of course, is an essential link of processing and production.

The quality of chocolate raw materials determines the quality of chocolate products. Although chocolate was introduced from abroad, it is now widely loved by major groups in China.

In addition to importing chocolate products directly from abroad, our domestic chocolate brands will also produce their own chocolate products.

China chocolate wholesaler reminds the pretreatment need pay attention to time, temperature and baking method

Chocolate material processing, raw materials mainly refer to cocoa beans, which is an important component of chocolate.

So, what’s the point when dealing with cocoa beans? China chocolate wholesaler reminds should grasp it from three points: temperature, time and baking method.

China chocolate wholesaler

At the right temperature, cocoa beans will show color and aroma. Moreover, the baking time should be accurately controlled. Insufficient processing time of chocolate materials will lead to excess moisture of cocoa beans and subsequent peeling can not be carried out smoothly.

In addition, the baking method, including direct hot air heating method and direct touch appliance heating method, is selected according to the material quality and desired function.

Chocolate raw materials should be finely ground

China chocolate wholesaler said that after the pretreatment of cocoa beans, the second step of chocolate material processing is grinding.

The key to chocolate grinding is to be fine, which directly determines the taste of the product.

Therefore, the grinding things should first be standard and exquisite, and the processing and grinding of chocolate materials with good brands should not only be fine, but also the size of each particle should be uniform.

When preparing other powdered sugar, first select large particle crystals with high purity to grind. In common with the requirements of cocoa beans, it is necessary to refine them.

Essence of chocolate demand

China chocolate wholesaler said that another point of chocolate material processing is the essence, that is, the reprocessing of ground cocoa powder and sugar. This process is called the process of essence chocolate.

In the process of essence, chocolate ingredients should first clarify whether the product wants dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

The processing process of chocolate materials varies according to the products on demand. In essence, time should be well controlled before chocolate crystals with excellent quality can be presented.

China chocolate wholesaler believe that the processing of chocolate materials will present high-quality products only when the induction conditions are complete, and only good raw materials are far from enough.

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