China dark chocolate factory tell people how to choose chocolate?

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    China dark chocolate factory says There are various flavors and brands of chocolate on our shelves, but I want to ask you a question. In addition to obvious differences in taste, what are the essential differences?

    Pure chocolate, that is, chocolate with cocoa content of more than 85%, is generally used for baking and processing, and we rarely eat it directly.

    Those chocolates with cocoa content of 75% to 85% are very bitter.

    Chocolate with cocoa content of 50% to 75% is slightly bitter. It can be said that it can not only experience the delicious taste of dark chocolate, but also not too bitter.

    It is suitable for people who like dark chocolate and don’t like too sweet taste.

    China dark chocolate factory says For other sweet chocolate, the cocoa content is less than 35%. General white chocolate, almost does not contain cocoa, but contains the fat extracted from cocoa, cocoa butter.

    Therefore, the content of cocoa directly determines the taste of chocolate itself.

    China dark chocolate factory

    China dark chocolate factory says cocoa production is decreasing

    Cocoa, the main raw material for making chocolate, is becoming less and less, and will become a rare commodity.

    China dark chocolate factory says Everyone loves chocolate, but if people continue to eat it at this state, chocolate will soon disappear in 20 years, and chocolate will become expensive like caviar in 20 years.

    The reason is very simple. Cocoa, the raw material for making chocolate, has become less and less, and chocolate processing is becoming more and more difficult to grow.

    The main cocoa growing land from West Africa has now begun to slowly change to other crops.

    China dark chocolate factory says What does this mean? It means that the price of chocolate will be more and more expensive.

    Of course, many companies are also studying the cocoa gene (the gene sequence of cocoa has been preliminarily completed in September this year).

    Chocolate production hopes to transform it into a plant easier to grow and harvest.

    The chocolate industry under the shortage of cocoa beans will become an industry

    The growth rate of chocolate consumption is faster than that of cocoa production.

    China dark chocolate factory says If you eat like this, chocolate will become chocolate like caviar, which is not necessarily a bad thing for manufacturers.

    Chocolate industry under the shortage of cocoa beans

    The Egyptian Ehab abou oaf took chocolate as breakfast. After running 10 kilometers every morning, he would eat about 100 grams of chocolate.

    100 grams of chocolate is equivalent to about 50 grams of carbohydrates, about 30 grams of fat, about 15 grams of protein, and some zinc, vitamin B2, iron and calcium. It contains about 600 calories.

    “This is my secret recipe for a long life.” yihanbo is the president of Mars Food China.

    China dark chocolate factory says The company’s food operations in China include chocolate brands dove, M & M’s, Snickers, rainbow sugar, Baolu dog food and Weijia cat food.

    Chocolate materials for these foods and the advertisement of “only soluble in the mouth, not in the hand”,

    China dark chocolate factory says Chocolate is familiar.

    But few people know about Mars food, an unlisted food company. The global sales of each of Mars food’s four chocolates exceed US $1 billion.

    The price of each chocolate is inseparable from cocoa beans that can only be planted within 18 degrees of the North-South latitude of the equator.

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