China jelly factory talk about selection of sweets for flavors and fragrances

The flavors and fragrances of candy are different according to different varieties.

Water-soluble essence:

China jelly factory says water soluble essence is mainly used in fruit sugar, jelly and other high water content. Among the products with lower boiling temperature, fruit sugar is generally dominant.

Oil soluble essence:

China jelly factory says oil soluble flavor is resistant to high temperature and is not volatile, and has a longer fragrance retention time.

It is mainly suitable for high sugar temperature candy, such as hard candy, crisp sugar, sandwich sugar and gum base sugar.

The flavor depends on different products, but fruit flavor still accounts for a large proportion.

China jelly factory introduce water and oil flavors:

China jelly factory says it is a kind of flavour which is both hydrophilic and oil-bearing. Its flavor is determined by product demand.

The variety is both high temperature resistant and fragrant, shorter than oil flavor.

However, because of its low price, it is popular with some small candy manufacturers, and is widely used in many kinds of candy varieties.

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Emulsified flavor:

The price of emulsified flavor is not high. It is welcomed by some small candy manufacturers, and is used more frequently in drinks.

China jelly factory says A few enterprises also add fruit jelly, soft sweets and sandwich, with fruit flavor as much.

Powdered essence:

Powdered essence is a kind of oil soluble essence made by embedding or mixing dextrin like substances to avoid loss of flavor by high temperature.

A fragrance with longer fragrance retention time. It is mainly used in tablet sugar.

Among gum based sugars or candy varieties with high requirements for fragrance retention, the flavors include milk flavor, fruit flavor, etc.

Flavor and flavor extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction technology:

China jelly factory says Supercritical CO2 extraction technology is a new material diversion technology in the world. It uses non-toxic, tasteless and colorless CO2 as solvent to extract at near room temperature.

The products extracted by this technology have the advantages of pure nature, complete flavor, pure color, lasting and stable aroma and high safety.

Because the bottom fragrance and fragrance retention effect of the product are good, the candy product has a long fragrance during the shelf life, and is deeply loved by consumers.

China jelly factory says Although the price is high, some varieties reach hundreds of dollars per kilogram, but because of their low addition, they can also achieve and exceed the use of common synthetic chemical flavors.

They are concerned by many brands of candy manufacturers. They have been used in large and medium-sized candy and chocolate production industry.

The candy and chocolate produced are more realistic.

Natural food raw material flavoring agent:

Like sesame. Peanuts, cocoa beans, coffee. Almond. Pine nuts, hazelnuts. Walnut and other food raw materials produce strong flavor after processing.

As the basic flavor material of candy and chocolate, it can further highlight its basic flavor.

It has become the research and development focus of some candy manufacturers advocating nature.

Other condiments:

With the marginalization of candy to other foods, some products like candy but not like candy (such as the combination of candy and cakes, the combination of candy and biscuits, and the combination of chocolate and other products) appear more and more.

Some seasonings and spices also enter this kind of products, showing rich and diverse tastes and tastes, which are favored by young consumer groups who love adventure.

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