New pattern of China jelly OEM Market

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    Healthy raw materials are being highly praised by the consumer market, such as cassava starch syrup, rice syrup and concentrated sugarcane juice, which have natural color and flavor.

    Therefore, just like other types of China jelly OEM enterprises, children’s candy enterprises are also developing “cleaner” products to attract the attention of consumers.

    China jelly OEM
    Various sweets assortment. Candy, bonbon, jelly and marmalade. Top view flat lay with copy space

    The real challenge has nothing to do with China jelly OEM manufacturing

    China jelly OEM companies are familiar with the fierce competition in this industry. In the final analysis, it is not only those methods that find a breakthrough in integrating raw materials and tastes to produce new products, that is, those aspects unrelated to product manufacturing are the real challenges.

    For example, consumers’ time is very valuable. If they can’t make a decision in a short time, they are likely not to buy this product.

    Therefore, candy enterprises must let consumers know what the products in the packaging are in a short time.

    Simple and understandable information and transparent packaging are very important to stimulate consumers’ purchase behavior.

    China jelly OEM highlights new market demand

    With the evolution of chewing gum and mints, they have the function of refreshing breath.

    However, candy did not seize the good opportunity to fully position its practical and healthy characteristics.

    With consumers paying more and more attention to candy, enterprises have a good opportunity to reshape their image.

    Hard candy provides an ideal way for the spread of chewing gum and mint, such as cough candy.

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