China jelly wholesaler says precautions for children’s candy consumption

Children’s candy types and eating time precautions.

Under normal circumstances, people can meet their physiological needs for nutrients through three meals a day.

China jelly wholesaler says there is no need to eat snacks. But in some special cases, eating some snacks will be good for your health.

As long as we scientifically choose the type and time of snacks and pay attention to hygiene, eating snacks will not damage our health, but can also supplement the nutrients such as trace elements that are missing in three meals a day.

Children’s candy and snacks are also graded.

Generally, snacks are divided into 10 categories.

China jelly wholesaler says according to the nutritional characteristics and production methods of each category of snacks, they are divided into three recommended levels, which can be eaten frequently, such as yogurt and fruit.

Proper consumption, such as biscuits and snacks; Limited consumption, such as fried dough sticks, instant noodles and puffed food.

It is not easy to eat too much children’s candy two hours before dinner.

The time for eating snacks needs to be reasonably arranged. Generally, it is between two meals.

The best time is 9-10 a.m. and 3-4 p.m., both of which are about 2 hours away from the dinner time.

China jelly wholesaler says secondly, don’t eat snacks before going to bed. As a result, eating will inevitably lead to overeating.

During this period, children don’t have any physical activity. In the long run, it is easy to lead to overweight.

China jelly wholesaler

China jelly wholesaler talk about storage method of children’s candy

China jelly wholesaler says using the refrigerator to store children’s candy is not a good way. Many people like to put children’s candy in the refrigerator.

Although children’s candy is afraid of high temperature, it will absorb the taste of other ingredients in the refrigerator and make the candy taste bad for a long time. Here are two ways to store children’s candy. You might as well try it.

Iron box storage.

China jelly wholesaler says ordinary candy can be stored in an iron box for no more than half a year, while candy with more fat and protein can also be placed in an iron box for no more than three months.

If it returns to moisture and rancidity, it must be thrown away.

Low temperature storage of glass bottles.

China jelly wholesaler says children’s candy is afraid of heat and moisture. It can be put into a glass bottle and stored in a place with low indoor temperature and no humidity.

Candy can not be placed in the sun, nor can it be stored at the same time with food containing too much water. Attention should be paid to whether it is stored in iron box or glass.

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