China liquid candy factory introduce how to identify the quality of candy

The identification of candy quality includes the following aspects:


China liquid candy factory says the candy with good quality has good moisture resistance, clear trademark pattern, sugar name and factory name. The candy package is tight, tight and neat without breakage and looseness. The high-grade candy has several layers of packaging, with exquisite packaging. The packaging of ordinary candy is general, with only one layer of packaging. Some packaging paper even has no factory name, so the quality is very poor.


China liquid candy factory says high quality candy has smooth and smooth surface, no crack, no defect, no bond, no impurity and good transparency.

The filling of the sandwich is not exposed. If the candy is incomplete in size, sticky and has no transparency, it is a poor candy.


China liquid candy factory says every kind of candy has its own flavor. If a candy loses its inherent flavor, the candy will have a qualitative change and consumers should not buy it.


Good candy is sweet, smooth and moderate without other peculiar smell. Creamy sugar, protein sugar and chocolate candy should taste delicate. Poor quality candy has burnt bitterness and other bad tastes.


China liquid candy factory says good candy packaging is complete, and hard candy should be hard and brittle; Soft candy should be soft and elastic, and the filling of sandwich candy should not be exposed.

All sweets shall be tooth and paper free. If there is hair sand, it should not be purchased. Hair sand is the recrystallization of sucrose in candy.

Severe hair sanding makes candy a brittle sand block.

Number of grains

China liquid candy factory says candy produced by regular manufacturers has a certain number of grains per kilogram and uniform size.

If it is less than 100 grains per kilogram, the difference is allowed to be 2 grains; For 100-200 grains, 4 grains are allowed; For more than 200 grains, the allowable difference is 6 grains of soil.

If the number of sweets purchased does not meet the above value, the quality is poor.

If there is a small amount of sticky wrapping paper on the surface of candy, it is slightly closed; The beginning of melting deformation is serious closing.

If the white sand layer on the candy surface is 1-2m, it is slightly sandy; At 3-5M, it is serious hair sand.

Hair sand is the phenomenon of recrystallization after the dissolution of sucrose in candy. Serious hair sand makes candy become fragile sand blocks, which is not suitable for purchase.

China liquid candy factory

China liquid candy factory Introduce the characteristics of various sweets

Milk candy

milk candy is a kind of semi soft candy with loose structure. Chewable, soft and delicate taste. Milk candy is named for containing a large number of milk products.

The main feature of this kind of sugar is the unique aroma of milk, also known as burnt candy. China liquid candy factory says the shape of milk candy is mostly cylindrical, but also rectangular and square. The color is mostly milky white or yellowish.

The average water content of milk sugar is 5 ~ 8%, and the content of reducing sugar is 14 ~ 25%.

China liquid candy factory says milk sugar contains more fat, which is difficult to digest after eating more, and affects appetite, which is unfavorable to the growth and development of infants.


fudge is a soft and slightly elastic candy with transparent and translucent. The water content of soft candy is high; Generally 10% – 20%.

The vast majority of soft candy is made into fruit flavor, and some are made into milk flavor and cool flavor.

Its shape is divided into rectangular or irregular shape according to different molding processes.

China liquid candy factory says experts suggest that children under the age of two should not eat soft candy, because it is easy to get stuck in the throat or trachea, which will bring fatal danger to children.

Hard candy

China liquid candy factory says hard candy is a candy made by boiling at high temperature. The dry solid content is very high, about more than 97%.

Sugar is hard and brittle, so it is called hard sugar. It belongs to amorphous amorphous structure.

The specific gravity is between 1.4 and 1.5, and the content of reducing sugar ranges from 10 to 18%. It melts slowly in the mouth and is chewable.

Sugar bodies are transparent, translucent and opaque, as well as drawn into mercerized shape.

Hard candy is a dangerous food that may cause baby suffocation. Parents are advised not to eat hard candy for their baby.

Sandwich candy

China liquid candy factory says jam sandwich candy takes jam with various natural flavors and makes the inner filling with sugar, and then uses hard sugar blank as the outer skin to make the finished product. The skin is crisp and waxy.

The fruit has unique flavor, sour, sweet and delicious. It is one of the high-grade sweets. The water content of jam sandwich sugar is high, generally about 20%.

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