Do you know top three China lollipop supplier

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    The first China lollipop supplier is Shantou Kingyang Foods Co., Ltd.

    As China lollipop supplier, Shantou Kingyang Foods Co., Ltd. is an active and passionate company located in Shantou. We are dealing with the production and exportation of candy & sweet.

    Our products include milk candy, hard candy, bubble gum and chew candy.

    As China lollipop supplier, We have our own factory to produce all these kinds of products. Our products sell well to South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe.

    Kingyang has an experience team with high responsibility for our clients.

    With competitive price, good service and fast delivery, we have confidence to supply the best products to our clients.

    Furthermore, we keep improving to meet the new demands of the market and the clients’ requirements.

    As China lollipop supplier, We hope to establish the business relationships with our clients and create a better future together!

    Kingyang’ve been in candy industry for about a decade, learning the entire way, but never changing our values.

    Since established in 2003, providing stable and successful service and proving that we are long-term and trustworthy.

    China lollipop supplier

    The second China lollipop supplier is Miaoqu

    As China lollipop supplier, Miaoqu company is a food enterprise specializing in the production and sales of toys and food.

    At present, the company has launched a variety of food and toy packaging products such as candy toy series, puffed toy series and biscuit toy series, and jointly developed products with relevant scientific research institutions.

    As China lollipop supplier, Miaoju’s products have stable quality and fashionable toys, which are deeply loved by cooperative customers and consumers.

    Strict technical management, high-quality products and good service will lead fun to ride the wind and waves and move forward bravely.

    Company development trend: food safety of food enterprises is the basic principle of enterprise development.

    In order to improve the quality of food, the company has professional scientific research institutions to develop new food.

    While ensuring the quality, the company develops more products that consumers like and are satisfied with.

    To meet the needs of the market. While the market does not change much, our company is also constantly forging ahead. I hope every product of the company can be recognized and liked by consumers.

    The third China lollipop supplier is Wangsuiyuan

    As China lollipop supplier, Wangsuiyuan food processing factory is an entity enterprise integrating the production and sales of puffed food (candy, pastry products, potato products, sesame sugar and prepackaged food).

    The company has a standard puffing production line.

    The company’s main products are Xiaomi pancake, sesame flower, Guoba, ground pot crispy chips, French fries, yam crispy roll, Miao crispy horn, shell and other fried puffing (metered and bulk food).

    In addition, a series of products such as oat crisp, baked balls, rice cake, rice stick, big rice ball and colorful ball are deeply praised by the majority of merchants and loved by consumers, At the same time, the company has the brand appearance patent of “wangsui Park”.

    As China lollipop supplier, The company respects the down-to-earth, hard-working and responsible enterprise spirit and the business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism and win-win cooperation, and employs professional and technical talents and management talents to continuously develop and innovate new products, constantly improve and improve the management mode and business methods, so as to develop together with all merchants.

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