China marshmallow factory summarize the benefits of eating candy

The small benefits of eating candy every day

Replenish energy

China marshmallow factory says that sugar can quickly replenish energy. For example, athletes can’t eat too full before sports, so they can eat some sugar or drink some sugary drinks to ensure normal performance during sports.

After exercise, you can also eat some sugar to quickly supplement your physical strength.

For most people, we are not professional athletes, but we also need a lot of physical exertion, such as mountain climbing.

China marshmallow factory says that if you carry a lot of food when climbing the mountain, you will only consume your energy quickly.

It’s better to bring some candy. When you feel physically overdrawn, eating a candy can supplement your physical strength.

Supplement blood glucose

China marshmallow factory says that people with low blood sugar are prone to feel dizzy, even limb weakness, and even fainting in severe cases.

At this time, a quick and effective way is to contain a piece of sugar in your mouth to supplement your low blood sugar.

China marshmallow factory says that due to individual differences, some people have high blood sugar and others have long-term hypoglycemia. Some people usually have no abnormal blood sugar, but they may temporarily lower their blood sugar because they don’t eat.

China marshmallow factory says that sugar eating method is only applicable to people with temporary hypoglycemia. Patients with long-term hypoglycemia should adjust their diet. Patients with hyperglycemia should never eat candy again.

China marshmallow factory

China marshmallow factory says that candy is super delicious

Most children like candy very much. For them, candy is delicious.

China marshmallow factory says that although candy is sweet and delicious, eating too much affects development: babies who eat too much sugar are prone to tooth decay, obesity, inattention, and even low growth.

Mothers often worry about their baby’s love of sugar. In fact, for children, not all candy is so lethal.

As long as the first barrier for the baby is well selected, the baby still eats sugar.

Since the baby is easily tempted by candy, smart mothers can use this to balance the baby’s sugar consumption.

China marshmallow factory says that when the baby performs well, the mother can reward the baby with a candy, such as when the baby is polite and eats well.

But when the baby’s performance is bad, the mother will punish the baby not to eat sugar.

China marshmallow factory says that in this way, it not only limits the baby’s sugar consumption, but also lets him know what to do and what not to do, killing two birds with one stone.

If your baby is not over 1 year old, don’t eat candy. If your teeth grow a lot, you can eat a little. China marshmallow factory says that candy should be less sugar and not too hard. Eat soft candy. Look at the formula.

Choose candy without food additives or preservatives. Choose children’s candy, milk sticks, milk tablets, chewing gum, sugar free tablet candy and children’s candy produced by regular manufacturers, Toy candy.

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