China marshmallow wholesaler talk about selection and use of confectionery flavor

China marshmallow wholesaler says that according to the different production processes and product characteristics of candy and chocolate products, in order to obtain realistic, pleasant and pleasant aroma, proper flavor types must be selected in production.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that according to the characteristics of volatile components of flavor components, flavors should be added to the cooling process of candy production to reduce the loss of aroma.

For example, when the hard candy is produced, the sugar paste is cooled below 110 degrees Celsius, then added the sour agent and pigment, then add the essence.

When the soft sweets are added to the water-soluble essence, the temperature should be added at about 80 degrees Celsius.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that when using film continuous sugar automatic pouring production line, essence is often boiled in syrup to maintain its good fluidity when added, so the essence should avoid high temperature above 140 degree.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that selection of high temperature resistant flavor will reduce the loss of aroma. Under the condition that the candy is weak acidic, the aroma of general flavor will play a good role.

Under alkaline conditions, it will affect the color, aroma and taste of the product.

China marshmallow wholesaler

China marshmallow wholesaler says the function of essence

With the improvement of people’s living standard, consumers have not satisfied the tastes of single taste and taste, and tend to be new products with complex flavor.

Therefore, the blending or collocation of flavors, even the blending of flavors and spices, has become a hot spot.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that the combination of essence is the creative art of candy newly developed. Through the reasonable combination, the harmony, harmony and perfection of fragrance can be obtained.

Neither fish nor fowl is needed to keep the original flavor characteristics while pursuing the new flavor.

If only the taste is harmonious and the taste is good, it can also be regardless of the main and auxiliary. In the compounding, the bad smell can be concealed and reconciled as much as possible.

Flavor blending is usually carried out among the same flavors. Generally, the flavor should be added first and then added with stronger flavor.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that when using two kinds of emulsified flavor, it is advisable to consider the proportion of ingredients in the ingredients separately.

In the use of flavors and fragrances in candy, proper control of flavor intensity should be made, and the amount of addition should be well controlled to prevent the effect of too little or too much addition.

The weight of liquid flavors is more accurate than that of cups and barrels. The suitable amount of essence.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that generally, it is obtained through repeated flavoring tests during the research and development and trial production of products.

At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the needs of different nationalities, different places and product characteristics to determine the candy aroma, aroma and concentration.

For the evaluation of the selection of flavors and fragrances in candy, when the product is produced, the aroma quality, aroma intensity and fragrance retention time should be tested according to the fragrance of the fragrance, body odor and tail fragrance.

China marshmallow wholesaler says that weekly or monthly check the aroma and retain the situation, so as to evaluate the quality of flavor and select the flavor and flavor suitable for the flavor of the production variety.


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