China soft candy factory analyzes the nutritional value of fruit juice fudge

China soft candy factory’s comprehensive analysis of fruit juice fudge

China soft candy factory says fruit juice fudge can provide energy and a certain amount of vitamins to the human body. Candy is not suitable for all people.

For example, people who use computers for a long time have dry skin and eyes. They can eat some candy supplemented with vitamin A, but vitamin A is not easy to excrete in the body. Excessive use is easy to lead to accumulation and vitamin A poisoning.

Some people expect to eat sugar to supplement vitamin C, but taking a large number of synthetic vitamin C supplements for a long time will produce a large amount of oxalic acid in the body, which has the potential risk of kidney stones.

China soft candy factory says that fruit juice fudge is a relatively good choice. The real fruit juice fudge itself does not add milk powder, oil and other materials, but is made of syrup, granulated sugar, gelatin and fruit juice, so the fat is very low.

Soft candy with high content of fruit juice has less sugar than other candy and contains a lot of vitamin C.

China soft candy factory

China soft candy factory explain processing technology

Material selection

According to the manufacturer’s analysis, the main raw material of fruit juice fudge is corn starch, which is first converted into glucose syrup. The glucose syrup used in soft candy is a semi-finished product of solid glucose, which can be directly absorbed by the human body.

Part of the dry solid matter in grape bran pulp is dextrin without sweetness, and the rest is glucose and a small amount of low sugar such as maltose and oligosaccharide. Therefore, the sweetness of fruit juice soft candy is not high, but the nutrition is very rich.


According to the characteristics of various fruits, first make the model, then take glucose syrup as the main raw material, add an appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose and fruit juice, boil it to the specified temperature, and pour it into a porridge paste.

After 72 hours of baking, wash the starch on the surface of the sugar block with granulated sugar, and then hang it with sand and pack it.

China soft candy factory reminds that fruit juice soft candy is different from maltose. Different soft candy can be made by adding different ingredients. It has novel color and shape, unique flavor, low sugar content and storage resistance. It is deeply welcomed by consumers. It is an acceptable fashion leisure food for infants and the elderly.

The harm of inferior soft candy because of the low cost, industrial gelatin is often added to fruit soft candy. Industrial gelatin is very harmful to human body.

The fundamental difference between edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin and industrial gelatin lies in the selection of raw materials and process flow – although they are basically the same from the appearance.

The state has strict regulations on the manufacture of edible and medicinal gelatin. It must be processed with fresh, strictly inspected and quarantined raw skin without any chemical treatment, and must be dried and crushed in a fully closed assembly line.

There are no strict requirements on the source of raw materials for industrial gelatin. Broken leather shoes, leftovers from the production of clothing and leather shoes by leather factories, and even animal carcasses can be extracted.

In the process of leather processing, chrome tanning agent will be used in the process of tanning in order to transform raw bare leather into mature leather. This leads to the chromium content of industrial gelatin generally exceeding the standard.

China soft candy factory reminds everyone that when buying snack food, they should know how to distinguish the materials of these fruit juice fudge.

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