China spary candy supplier explain Domestic candy enterprises are moving towards high-end

China spary candy supplier say it is understood that the global annual per capita consumption of candy is about 3kg, while China is only 0.7kg. Therefore, China’s candy market has great development potential.

Domestic candy sales are also affected by holidays, especially the Spring Festival, with the most concentrated sales, followed by Valentine’s day.

In addition, the amount of candy sold through the wedding market every year is also very considerable.

China spary candy supplier say current situation of domestic candy Market

However, it is worth noting that compared with foreign countries, domestic candy lacks innovation, and homogenization is more serious in taste, packaging and form.

These are all important factors restricting China’s candy brands to go global.

China spary candy supplier say according to relevant data, at the time of the development and expansion of the domestic candy industry, various types of candy such as health care, low sugar, fun and ecological have the potential to accelerate the pace of collective attack on China’s high-end candy market.

China spary candy supplier say in contrast, the products in China’s candy market are very single. Under the dual pressure of foreign enterprises and fierce competition of domestic enterprises, there are many obstacles to the product development of China’s candy industry.

China spary candy supplier

China spary candy supplier say how to improve the domestic candy market

How can Chinese candy enterprises break through the resistance and expand their living space?

The key is to make candy taste, packaging and form more diversified from a technical point of view, so as to meet the preferences of more consumers.

The increase of candy taste is relatively simple, while the change of packaging and shape puts forward higher technical requirements for candy machinery.

In recent years, domestic candy technology experts have made gratifying achievements in introducing cooperation and independent innovation.

In terms of candy equipment, it has successively launched inflatable milk candy production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling unit, cotton candy production line, etc

China spary candy supplier say packaging machinery includes single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine, etc.

In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional color chocolate pouring line, automatic line of chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion line, chocolate rapid finishing mill, etc.

However, as China’s candy industry is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, small profits and quick turnover have become their main means of profit, and they do not pursue technology and brand. At present, candy machines are still dominated by single function in the market.

However, China’s candy enterprises can not always linger in the second and third tier market and succumb to foreign high-end candy brands.

China spary candy supplier say with the improvement of China’s consumption level and the rapid expansion of high-end market, it will be an inevitable trend for domestic candy enterprises to move towards high-end.

It can be predicted that the candy machine with better performance and stronger function will be more popular in the future market.

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