China spary candy wholesaler talk about the future of candy

China spary candy wholesaler says that at present, there are many kinds of products in the candy market, and the product homogeneity of various manufacturers is serious.

In several major categories, they are led by several major candy brands. Major candy manufacturers have formed national products on the premise of focusing on some.

China spary candy wholesaler says that other small and medium-sized candy manufacturers followed, trying to seek survival opportunities, and stabilizing their local market in the traditional way of natural growth.

China spary candy wholesaler
  1. Traditional candy: milk candy, crisp candy, fruit candy and other traditional types still survive in traditional consumption opportunities.

China spary candy wholesaler says that traditional candy consumption has obvious seasonality. According to Chinese traditional customs, the main consumption opportunities are Spring Festival and wedding, which are stable.

China spary candy wholesaler says that traditional candy should actively innovate in the same category and across categories, otherwise the traditional candy market will be eroded in response to the attack of strong functional candy and the substitution of candy for leisure food.

2. Functional candy: after the improvement of consumers’ living standards, they began to pay attention to the improvement of quality of life and are keen on healthy foods.
People born after the 1980s have experienced the process of improving their living standards.

However, because candy has caused dental caries in many children, it has become a restricted food. As the main consumer group of candy, it has been taught that candy can’t eat more.

China spary candy wholesaler says that as these people grew up in the 1980s and became the main force of consumption in the 21st century, they still have the impression of the past on candy.

But as snack food, people don’t mind getting extra health from snack food.

3. Gum based candy: mainly chewing gum based Candy Gum and blowing gum based candy bubble gum.

China spary candy wholesaler says that the concept of fresh breath has found an appropriate solution to the embarrassment in life.

In 2005, the emergence of xylitol brought a new round of chewing candy.

Several brands with good performance are leading brands.

Although it has experienced ups and downs, it puts forward a new concept of food for people.

4. Chocolate: chocolate is developing rapidly with an annual growth rate of 10-15%, and the market consumption potential is as high as 20 billion yuan.

As long as China’s per capita annual consumption of chocolate reaches 1kg, it is the largest chocolate market in the world.

China spary candy wholesaler says that the growth of chocolate has become a strong competitor of ordinary candy, and its huge market capacity has attracted major food enterprises to actively launch chocolate.

China spary candy wholesaler says that good products also need to have appropriate communication concepts. People’s needs are infinite.

Usually, people do not realize their needs or where their needs point under normal circumstances.

People are becoming more and more pragmatic. If they can get some benefits from products, it is easier to promote and be accepted by consumers than the illusory empty concept.

China spary candy wholesaler says 5 sugar cold knowledge:

  1. The total daily carbohydrate intake recommended by nutritionists is about 30-40g, that is, no more than 10% of the total daily carbohydrate intake, while the average daily consumption of Chinese people is only 21.9g.

It ranks seventh from the bottom in the world, so “eat less sweets” has been removed from the dietary guide for Chinese residents since 1997.

2. Many beauty loving girls will consciously reduce sugar intake, but the results show that sugar intake is not directly related to the incidence of obesity.

China spary candy wholesaler says that sugar is not the initiator of dental caries. If you have decayed teeth, it only means that you haven’t brushed your teeth clean.

3. Candy is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate nutrients can excite the human nervous system and make people happy.

4. There is synergy between sugars. When different sugars are mixed, the sweetness will be enhanced.

5. not only diabetic patients, but also pregnant women should eat less sugar.

China spary candy wholesaler says excessive sugar intake of pregnant women will accelerate the development of fetal lens, resulting in abnormal crystal development environment, rapid development of ocular axis, and accelerate the occurrence of myopia.

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