China toy candy manufacturer analyzes different kinds of candy

China toy candy manufacturer says in the next five years, these 6 types of development will be good


After the long-term market cultivation of chocolate by multinational corporations, China’s chocolate market has entered the growth period of the market from the introduction period of the market, and the market capacity of milk sticks is growing day by day.

The market of gum based candy and gum parent candy has several characteristics: the market growth rate is rising steadily.

Gum based candy

The brand is mainly the brand of foreign-invested enterprises; The main selling point of the product is the concept of health, convenience and fashion.

Among candy products, gum based candy products have the highest scientific and technological content.

The added value of products is very high, and the profits of manufacturers are very considerable. It is a very developed product category.

China toy candy

China toy candy manufacturer said that at present, the global annual per capita consumption of candy is about 3kg, while China is only 0.7kg.

Therefore, China’s candy market has great development potential. The continuous development of new candy products and market segmentation will help to stimulate the consumption of the candy market, and the children’s market is the focus of the candy market segmentation.

The perfect combination of health and children’s fun will bring the development of children’s candy into the mainstream.

China toy candy manufacturer
Various sweets assortment. Candy, bonbon, jelly and marmalade. Top view flat lay with copy space

Functional candy

China toy candy manufacturer said that the launch of functional candy is the extension of traditional candy brands to high-end product categories.

It is consumers’ high-level and multi-level demand for candy products. The market share of functional candy has gradually approached that of traditional candy.

It will exceed the market share of traditional candy in the next five years.

Wedding candy

China toy candy manufacturer said that with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to marriage, so they pay more and more attention to wedding candy.

The wedding candy industry is becoming larger and larger, and the wedding candy store came into being.

According to incomplete statistics, 20 million new couples get married every year in China.

Only based on the purchase of happy candy of 500 yuan for each new couple, it is conservatively calculated that the happy candy market has a market capacity of 10 billion yuan every year.

China toy candy manufacturer said that it has become another new sales channel in the candy industry. It is estimated that the national average accounts for 18%, and some regions (Zhejiang) account for 50%.

Sugar free pressed candy

Foreign investors are optimistic about China’s market and actively develop sugar free candy, especially in chewing gum and hard candy.

For example, in 1998, Australia huaaikang launched granular sugar free gum in the Chinese market, Britain’s Cadbury reported its “courage” brand sugar free gum, Lotte stone launched Lotte xylitol gum, Wrigley also launched “Yida” brand sugar free gum, and bufandi also launched Beijie gum, It is said that Turkish candy companies also want to take a share in the sugar free gum market.

China toy candy manufacturer said that in European and American countries, the sugar free chewing gum market has exceeded the traditional chewing gum, while in China, the market potential is still great.

Specific classification of candy said by China toy candy manufacturer

China toy candy manufacturer said that candy can be divided into hard candy, hard sandwich candy, milk candy, gel candy, polished candy, gum based candy, inflatable candy and tablet candy.

Hard candy is a kind of hard and crisp candy with white granulated sugar and starch syrup as the main materials; Hard sandwich candy is a kind of hard candy with filling in it.

Milk fat candy is made of white granulated sugar, starch syrup or other sugar, oil and dairy products.

China toy candy manufacturer said that the protein is not less than 1.5%, the fat is not less than 3.0%, and it has special milk fat flavor and coke flavor.

Gel candy is a soft candy made of edible gum (or starch), white granulated sugar and starch syrup (or other sugar).

China toy candy manufacturer said that polished candy is a candy with a bright and solid surface; Gum based candy is a chewable or bubbling candy made of white granulated sugar (or sweetener) and gum based materials.

Inflatable candy is a candy with fine and uniform bubbles inside the sugar body; Tablet candy is a candy that is granulated, bonded and pressed.

Toy candy

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