Development history of China toy candy

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    The origin of China candy toys

    China toy candy originated in Japan. At that time, vendors would give local specialties when selling drugs. Later, they gradually evolved into today’s food and play.

    At first, candy toys only included simple toys such as gyroscopes and marbles, but now there are quite a variety of food and play. They all have one thing in common: they can eat and play.

    The candy toy industry has developed very rapidly in China in recent years, but looking at the whole development history of China toy candy all over the world, the start of China’s market lags behind that of foreign markets.

    When the foreign market is relatively mature, the domestic market, as a follower, has great plasticity.

    By learning the complete industrial chain of the mature market, we can quickly expand and strengthen the domestic market, surpass our competitors and realize the ranking of latecomers!

    This rapidly developing market is rapidly moving towards maturity. In this process, the participants will undoubtedly enjoy the huge dividends brought by this market.

    China toy candy

    The form of Chinese candy toys

    The product form of China toy candy is actually very simple, that is, the combination of small toys + candy, but this combination is very stable in the early market development, because there is no such product in the market, or it is pure eating and pure playing, which is divided very carefully.

    The birth of candy toys is tantamount to a category segmentation in the candy and toy market, opening up a new product category.

    This category line has also harvested many consumers. We call it the primary stage of the development of candy toys.

    In the primary stage of China toy candy, there are few competitive products, the unit price of products is not high, and the types are few.

    Almost all of them are transformed directly from toys or food containers.

    After a period of development, due to the singleness of market products, the increase of competitive products, the serious homogenization of products, and the sharp saturation of major market shares, the market was once weak.

    Competition produces innovation and differentiation. Major manufacturers have found a breakthrough in foreign cartoon food and found that the combination of hot cartoon IP image in the market with food, candy and toys has improved the added value of products.

    Like a “star effect” product, the natural passenger flow of products has been enriched, the market share has further increased, and the sales volume of various single products has also broken through the best performance in history.

    This makes many manufacturers taste the sweetness of making fast money and crazy rise.

    The width and diving speed of the channel are also increased accordingly, and the reputation is also improved accordingly.

    This is the intermediate stage of the development of China toy candy.

    Development intermediate form of China candy toy

    In the intermediate stage of the development of candy toys, the food and candy toys after cartoon IP can quickly occupy the market and quickly complete the business investment of manufacturers, which is undoubtedly a market opportunity for thoughtful manufacturers to make great efforts.

    However, the accompanying market problems are also more prominent. In this intermediate stage of candy toy development, because the product development is insufficient, the unity, plasticity and playability of the product are still not effectively solved.

    Consumers just hold an image homogeneous product, and the large-scale professional candy game enterprise has not opened up the industrial chain itself, Bottlenecks remain.

    Dealers’ demands for product development and change of manufacturers are increasing.

    After simply relying on authorized IP to occupy the market share, in the later operation, the periodicity of IP, the change of new products, the inventory backlog of dealers, the cold of IP and the weakening of brand all follow, which also creates the possibility of another transition in the intermediate stage of China toy candy.

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