Chinas Schokoladenlieferant sagt, dass reine dunkle Schokolade im Mund schmilzt

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    China Schokoladenlieferant say what is dark chocolate?

    Dark chocolate, or pure chocolate, is mainly composed of cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar, with high hardness, high cocoa butter content and slight bitterness.

    What is the taste of dark chocolate

    China Schokoladenlieferant say High quality dark chocolate tastes very soft and smooth without the feeling of powder. The process of its slow melting in the mouth is very wonderful. The price of chocolate will fill the whole mouth with the rich taste of cocoa.

    China chocolate supplier say At the same time, the acidity and bitterness are balanced. After eating, it makes the mouth moist and has a long aftertaste.

    China Schokoladenlieferant

    China Schokoladenlieferant teach How to judge the quality of dark chocolate

    China chocolate supplier say Criteria for judging high-quality dark chocolate: cocoa content and quality of cocoa beans.

    China chocolate supplier say Cocoa content: the cocoa content of dark chocolate should not be less than 35%, while the good cocoa content is about 55% – 75%.

    The cocoa content of chocolate production environment is 75% – 85%, which belongs to extra bitter chocolate, which is the upper limit for making chocolate taste delicious.

    China chocolate supplier say Cocoa content is higher than 85%, only those crazy chocolate fans will like it, and it will be used in cooking.

    Raw materials for making dark chocolate

    Quality of cocoa beans: there are three main varieties of cocoa beans: cleolo, Trinidad and frastro. The first two are regarded as treasures in cocoa.

    High quality chocolate is made of these two kinds of cocoa beans. Some even use cleolo only. Of course, some will add some frastro cocoa beans to get special flavor and taste.

    China chocolate supplier say Ordinary chocolates are made of frastro cocoa beans. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are two materials processed from cocoa beans.

    Pure dark chocolate is imported immediately. Because the melting point of cocoa butter is very close to the temperature of the mouth, it is imported locally.

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