Ethically Sourcing Your Materials:
It’s Possible and It’s Our Promise

Ethical and sustainable business is not only a moral decision, but also an economical one. Many candy companies make the choice to become more ethical as a selling point, especially if their clientele is particularly concerned about the source of the products they are purchasing. However, many of them are not that as they say. See how our guarantee goes.

Why Ethically Sourced Materials Important?

Ethical materials mean ensuring that good labor law standards are met whilst your products are being manufactured, and this includes when your materials are being created as well as when they are made into candy.
The most obvious consequence of ethical materials is a clear conscience, but more than that you gain a unique selling point as well as a new target audience and a possible marketing advantage that your competitors may not have. Here you will have Kingyang, who combines ethically sourced materials and lean manufacturing, which makes lower prices, and better candy quality.

The Green Beauty to Level Up Your Products

100% Naturally Harvested Raw Materials

Kingyang food products must be safe, from both a health and environment perspective. Our designers, product developers and technicians take into account safety, quality and environmental impact at every stage of the new product’s development. The base material of white granulated sugar + popcorn candy, specially selected black granulated sugar, granulated sugar and chocolate, ensure a sweet but not greasy production.

Absolutely Healthy Additives

Kingyang use the additive extracted from nature plant, while having high appearance value, we do not forget the quality, plant extraction is a healthy way
Cochineal red: a natural pigment of cactus, it is allowed to be used as a food additive in European countries (Europe, the United States, Japan and China)
Turmeric: It is a yellow pigment extracted from the rhizomes of ginger plants such as turmeric, which is natural and healthy.
Taste: plant lemon extract, dissolving acid and acid additives, safe and unique taste
Brazilian wax: It is extracted and refined from the leaves and leaf buds of the Brazilian wax palm. It is a natural raw material for candy polishing.

Delicious & Entertaining

Not only can adults and children enjoy pure natural Kingyang organic candies without worries, but also can establish a connection with nature through candies and share this special experience with their loved ones.
Kingyang product is a candy and a toy, and it is the best gift for everyone who loves nature. We all believe that nature is the best teacher in life.
Kingyang product is in low calorific value and high security, it will not be absorbed after ingested into human body, and will not produce high calorie. Pure natural food additives contain non-fermentable substances, stable and not easy to mold, and long-term consumption will not cause tooth decay.