Un grossiste en chocolat chinois explore pourquoi le chocolat est cher

According to the statistics of Grossiste en chocolat de Chine, in recent years, traditional candy has been gradually replaced by handmade chocolate in wedding ceremonies and large-scale cocktail parties.

Through the change of consumption data, it can be seen that people’s consumption concept has also changed to a great extent, Chocolate production technology, especially for people in the first and second tier cities, has significantly improved their consumption power.

The following China chocolate wholesaler will tell you why handmade chocolate is better than ordinary candy?

High quality of outer packaging

First of all, from a macro point of view, although the price of most handmade chocolates is high, its price matches its value.

China chocolate wholesaler says that traditional candy is usually wrapped in plastic paper, but handmade chocolates with good brand generally have multi-layer packaging.

Chocolate processing includes heat-resistant tin foil and classic gift boxes, so it is slightly better in appearance, therefore, it is appropriate to say that handmade chocolate is higher than ordinary candy.

High taste grade

China chocolate wholesaler says that traditional candy is only a kind of leisure dessert, so its taste feature is “sweet”. In particular, some old candy will be sweet and greasy if its sugar content is too high.

Although traditional candy is not excluded for most children, the taste grade of handmade chocolate is higher.

It achieves the variability and personalization of taste, so there are a variety of diners of handmade chocolate, Both young and old people love this unique leisure food.

Grossiste en chocolat de Chine
Chocolat au lait

Chocolate has high value and grade

How much is handmade chocolate? China chocolate wholesaler says that from a philosophical point of view, the price and value of products in the market are relatively equal, and the reason why the price of handmade chocolate in the market is generally higher than that of traditional candy is because of its high internal value.

From the perspective of marketing, handmade chocolate not only has food attributes, but also includes cultural attributes and aesthetic attributes.

Its significance and value are much higher than ordinary candy.

Based on the above three points, it can be proved that handmade chocolate is more than ordinary candy.

From the perspective of diners, most of the people who eat handmade chocolate are white-collar workers and people with strong consumption ability.

Therefore, handmade chocolate represents a grade and grade like chewing gum.

With the gradual development of handmade chocolate technology, its taste is more diverse.

How to choose chocolate?

Choose imported chocolate

Although imported dark chocolate is also bitter, it is bitter and mellow, with less sugar than domestic chocolate, and will not add some bad additives.

China chocolate wholesaler says that chocolate processing safety factor is high, more reliable, and not the kind of domestic chocolate pure bitter, more fragrant.

Don’t buy chocolates that contain cocoa butter

This is not chocolate, but fake cocoa butter, because the price is cheaper than cocoa butter. Naturally, many businesses like to use it.

China chocolate wholesaler says that chocolate is made of materials, and most people can’t taste it. They think they can muddle through. Unexpectedly, it does great harm to the body.

Cocoa butter is a kind of trans fat. Long term intake will make people fat, and cause heart disease and hyperlipidemia, so we must stay away from it.

Look at the cocoa butter content

Chocolate packaging will specify the cocoa butter content, 80% is a high content.

Of course, the higher the cocoa butter content, the more expensive the money is, but it’s worth it to eat healthily.

Look at the chocolate ingredient list

China chocolate wholesaler says that chocolate is only cocoa butter, sugar and other normal things. Don’t buy chocolate with nuts or wine.

 The price will not only be expensive, but also the things added inside are not pure.

The way to buy chocolate is that the nuts are likely to be stale and bad, and the content of chocolate sugar added with nuts will also increase a lot.

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