L'usine de sucettes de Chine explique les connaissances liées aux sucettes

China lollipop factory says why are lollipops hollow?

China lollipop factory says lollipops may not be the most popular candy at the grocery checkout, but no one can erase them from our memory.

Many people grew up with lollipops in childhood, so there may be a problem that has been haunting your mind since childhood.

China lollipop factory says that is why is the lollipop hollow? It’s about keeping candy stable – and another very useful security feature.

Why are lollipops hollow?

China lollipop factory says there are actually several reasons for this. The first is related to the manufacturing method of lollipops. When you finish eating one of the lollipops, you may notice a small hole at the end of the lollipop.

The reason for leaving this hole is that the candy manufacturer wants to melt the candy in it, which can make the lollipop better adhere to it rather than loose and fall off the stick.

The second reason lollipops are hollow is for safety. The stick itself is hollow to prevent excited children (and adults) from choking when they accidentally swallow the stick.

China lollipop factory says even in that unfortunate situation, the hole will allow a small amount of air to pass through, reducing the potentially fatal risk in some cases.

China lollipop factory

China lollipop factory says different sugar free candies have different flavors

Lollipop is a popular candy classification in the market. Lollipop appeared in people’s vision, it has been deeply welcomed by consumers.

Sugar free candy is nutritious, healthy and delicious. Different sugar free candy has different flavors.

China lollipop factory says lollipop with different flavors and feel the delicious taste of sugar free candy. What are the characteristics of sugar free candy?

What are the characteristics of Lollipop?

China lollipop factory says lollipop, which is characterized by its low calorie and low fat, satisfies the modern consumers’ life philosophy, the avoidance psychology of obese people and the control of sugar intake by diabetics.

Lollipop caters to some psychology of consumers in some aspects, and has become a healthy food they often eat.

China lollipop factory says it conforms to the needs of modern consumers in terms of taste, quality and low sugar and low calorie.

Is lollipop really sugar free?

Due to the emergence of lollipop in the market, many people are asking: does sugar free candy really contain no sugar?

In fact, this is not the case. According to the standard, lollipop reduces the sugar content to a certain extent, which is much lower than that of ordinary candy.

China lollipop factory says lollipop cannot contain sucrose and sugar in starch hydrolysate, including glucose, maltose, fructose, starch syrup, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, etc. sugar free candy should be eaten normally with better effect.

With the popularity of sugar free candy, sugar free candy has become the purchase trend of modern consumers. Many people like to eat sugar free candy to meet the taste needs of modern consumers.

China lollipop factory says sugar free candy is fresh and delicious. You can choose many flavors. Choose a suitable sugar free candy food to enjoy the benefits of sugar free candy to your body, but eat it in moderation.

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