China soft candy supplier says packaging precautions of soft candy packaging precautions

China soft candy supplier says with the increasing demand for fruit fudge, the packaging of soft candy is also changing and developing.

The packaging requirement of soft candy is to avoid the candy being directly exposed to the air, so as to prevent the candy from absorbing moisture and melting in the air.

Therefore, most soft candy on the market adopts independent small packaging as the basic packaging.

At the same time, other forms of packaging are attached to increase the beauty, convenience and interest of the product, so as to attract consumers more.

China soft candy supplier says that main function of candy packaging

Protecting the luster, aroma and form of products can prolong the shelf life.

Prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve the hygiene and safety of products.

Exquisite product packaging can improve consumers’ purchase desire and commodity value.

Through observation in the supermarket, basically all soft candy packaging can meet the most basic requirements of candy packaging.

The main difference between the packaging of soft candy of different varieties, brands and prices lies in the exquisite degree of packaging form and packaging materials.

China soft candy supplier says soft candy packaging requirements

China soft candy supplier says according to different requirements for product packaging, packaging materials shall have a certain blocking effect on moisture, steam, gas, light, aromatic aroma, peculiar smell, heat, etc.

The toxicity of its packaging materials should be small to avoid polluting products and affecting human health; The packaging materials shall be non corrosive and have the properties of insect proof, moth proof, rat proof and microbial inhibition, so as to protect the product safety.

The main materials of candy packaging are: waxed paper, transparent paper, plastic (DPE, PVC, OPP), cellophane, glass bottle, aluminum foil, composite plastics (BOPP / PVDC, OPP / PVDC, OPP / ldpp), lactulose film, transparent sulfuric acid polypropylene film, paper plastic composite, etc.

China soft candy supplier says common Chinese and foreign packaging for candy production generally uses cartons or composite plastics (BOPP / PVDC, OPP / PVDC, OPP / ldpp), paper plastic composite, etc. it can not only protect the quality of candy, but also have certain ornamental value, which is convenient for publicity, display, secondary utilization and carrying.

These different forms of soft candy packaging materials not only reflect the taste of the goods, but also give different characteristics to the goods with different packaging designs, which makes them more attractive to consumers.

China soft candy supplier

Design requirements for candy packaging

Candy is mainly aimed at younger consumers aged 5-25. For example, for children, it is necessary to consider their physiological characteristics and use habits.

The carton design shall be easy to open and have a certain protection function for the candy inside.

China soft candy supplier says moreover, most children are active and curious about novelty. When designing packaging, attention should be paid to whether the packaging meets the safety needs of children.

Children are sensitive to colors and patterns. They should choose some colorful decorative pictures and texts. At the same time, they should have a certain cartoon and childlike innocence.

You can choose the protagonist in the popular cartoons as the decorative pattern. Secondly, you can also choose some toys, small animals and fruits as the decoration according to the taste and shape of the candy inside.

For adults, the packaging design of candy should pay more attention to its portability, fashion and delicacy.

China soft candy supplier says when purchasing candy, consumers should pay attention to the following points:

The packaging and printing quality is poor, the handwriting is blurred, the marking content is incomplete, and the products without production date shall not be purchased.

The color of candy shall be normal, uniform and bright, the aroma shall be pure, the taste shall be moderate, and there shall be no other peculiar smell.

The shape of candy shall be correct, the edge shall be neat, there shall be no corner cracks, the surface shall be bright and smooth, the pattern shall be clear, the size and thickness shall be uniform, and there shall be no obvious deformation. Candy should be free of visible impurities.

Buy products with complete packaging that do not exceed the production date. If some candies containing dairy products exceed the shelf life, they are prone to deterioration, yellowing in appearance and peculiar smell in taste.

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