Le fournisseur de bonbons jouets en Chine parle d'emballages de bonbons

Fournisseur de bonbons jouets en Chine says that through the market survey, it is found that the special concept of children’s candy is not very prominent in the market sales components.

In terms of candy modeling style and packaging form, there is not only the problem of mixing adult candy, festival candy and children’s candy, but also the characteristic needs of infants, young children, children and other different ages are not clearly distinguished Packaging design and marketing planning.

China toy candy supplier says that many problems such as insufficient sales target segmentation in the candy market are reflected in the modeling process and packaging design of children’s candy:

  1. The health index and nutritional law of infants, young children and children of different ages are not taken as the guiding principles for the design of candy image, candy color and packaging style.

China toy candy supplier says that not only do they continue the simple images and monotonous colors such as long strip and round, but also their sizes are completely unified without any change.

China toy candy supplier says that this phenomenon of “small mouthfuls of big sugar” between children and adults is obviously not suitable for the physiological and health status of children of different ages such as infants, young children and children.

2. Although there is some understanding of the common phenomena of “playing” and “eating”, “playing in food” and “eating in play” reflected in the psychological and physiological characteristics of children of different ages, these problems have not been well solved from the combination of theory and practice.

China toy candy supplier says that some are to “add” a little adjusted children’s elements on the packaging of adult candy, the so-called children’s elements, or “mix” some small toys not related to candy in the collection packaging bag of adult candy as a means of promotion.

Fournisseur de bonbons jouets en Chine

China toy candy supplier says that this lack of personalized characteristic design and creative packaging of children’s candy modeling neither solves the problem of children’s candy fun modeling and fun packaging design “based on children”, nor can it achieve the goal of promoting children’s healthy growth by the interactive unity of “play” and “food” in children’s candy.

3. Children’s candy lacks children’s characteristics, which is not only reflected in the gap in the shape, color and personalized interesting packaging of candy categories, but also reflected in the weak concept of children’s candy brand, the setting of selling points and the lack of “intensive cultivation” of POP advertising of children’s candy.

Almost all candy manufacturers are strengthening their corporate brand image in a general way, but none is emphasizing the brand focusing on children’s candy: almost all large and small shopping malls and food stores are selling candy, but none is a children’s candy store.

Three challenges faced by China toy candy supplier

Under the “vitality” of China’s toy candy food market, the undercurrent is surging, and “homogenization” is also a dilemma that this industry has been unable to get rid of for many years.

China toy candy supplier says that although different brands have differences in product packaging, they are still similar in product form and appearance.

Take the common “fan candy” in the market as an example, the overall shape is almost the same, and the only difference may be the operation mode of “button” and “hand”.

It is often difficult for consumers to choose very similar products.

China toy candy supplier says that the high similarity of products also reflects the chaos of the industry, that is, the R & D of some brand products relies on “taking doctrine”, and there are very few original products.

It is even more difficult for brands with certain innovative R & D ability to seize the market share. How to build differentiated products?

How to take the lead in capturing the hearts of consumers has also become a problem faced by candy toy brands.

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