Grosir cokelat hitam Cina berbicara tentang kemanjuran dan fungsi

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    Grosir cokelat hitam Cina says dark chocolate is hard and slightly bitter. It usually refers to chocolate with cocoa solid content between 70% and 99%, or milk content less than 12%. Scientists have found that suppose a person insists on eating enough dark chocolate (not cream chocolate) and then prevents heart disease. An increasing number of studies have shown that eating dark chocolate is good for health.

    Effects and effects of chocolate:

    China dark chocolate wholesaler says dark chocolate cardiovascular protection

    China dark chocolate wholesaler says dark chocolate has the anti-inflammatory effect similar to aspirin. It can reduce the activation of platelets at a certain concentration. The accumulation of transferred free radicals on the vascular wall by chocolate manufacturers can protect cardiovascular system and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease to a certain extent.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler says dark chocolate can lower blood pressure

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say according to the American Journal of internal medicine, German scientists believe that cocoa products play a better role than tea in reducing hypertension.

    They also advocate that we should eat low sugar dark chocolate, because chocolate is usually rich in sugar and fat and high in calories, which are the great enemies of patients with hypertension.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say according to the research results of German scientists, foods rich in cocoa, such as chocolate, can help us lower blood pressure, but drinking green tea or black tea can not achieve a similar effect.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say for a long time, we have always believed that drinking tea can reduce blood pressure, but the research of German scientists has overturned this idea.

    Grosir cokelat hitam Cina

    Dark chocolate can control appetite

    Use dark chocolate with cocoa content of more than 70%. So it won’t cause too much heat. Many people lose weight because of the use of milk chocolate.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say chocolate can stop your appetite, so try to eat it before meals. Eat 50g a day.

    People who like to eat snacks can take chocolate with them and take some when they are greedy, which can reduce calories.

    The caffeine contained in chocolate can restrain appetite and promote the human body to change customs.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say proper intake of chocolate can create a sense of satiety and effectively control appetite. Among all chocolates, dark chocolate has low sugar and fat, but it contains more caffeine than milk chocolate.

    Switzerland is a big chocolate country. Their per capita consumption of chocolate is nearly 200 times that of us, but it is one of the countries with less obesity.

    Dark chocolate can regulate immune function

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say dark chocolate can meet the needs of human body for a variety of nutrients.

    Together, flavonoids in dark chocolate can also regulate immunity, protect the immune system from free radical damage, and polyphenols can also regulate a variety of human immune cells.

    Dark chocolate can make people smarter

    Scientists from the University of Nottingham have found that eating foods such as chocolate can sharpen the brain and make short-term progress in cognitive ability.

    China dark chocolate wholesaler say the research team led by Professor Ian MacDonald found that eating cocoa drinks rich in flavanols, a major component of dark chocolate, can promote blood flow in some major brain regions for up to 2-3 hours.

    Increased blood flow in specific areas of the brain can help advance brain skills and make people more sensitive in a short time.

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