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China puffy snack factory talk about Puffed food kinds

Snow cake, potato chips, shrimp chips, shrimp chips, chicken chips, corn cobs… These foods have bright colors, eye-catching packaging and eye-catching advertising, which have won the favor of children.

Pabrik makanan ringan bengkak Cina says the main problems of unqualified products of puffed food are bacterial pollution, such as excessive coliform group and the increase of peroxide value caused by fat corruption in puffed food.

These can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and liver damage. National and local quality and technical supervision departments will conduct some tests regularly. Parents should pay attention to relevant information and avoid buying unqualified products.

China puffy snack factory says when purchasing puffed food, select products with complete marks such as product name, ingredient list, net content, factory name, factory address, production date, product standard and shelf life, and try to buy them in large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation.

In order to prevent puffed food from being squeezed and broken, and prevent product oil from oxidation and rancidity, many puffed food packaging bags should be filled with gas.

European and American countries have laws and regulations requiring that all puffed food be filled with nitrogen. It is clean, non-toxic and dry, which can ensure that puffed food will not change color and taste for a long time and is safe to eat.

However, due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations, many manufacturers use compressed air.

The water content of compressed air is higher than that of normal air, which will cause the taste of puffed food in the bag to be not crisp.

In the process of compressed air, it is also possible to turn the lubricating oil injected into the machine into fog, spray it into the packaging bag, adhere to the inner wall of the packaging bag and stick to the puffed food.

China puffy snack factory says therefore, when buying puffed food, you can rest assured if you find the words filled with nitrogen on the packaging bag. If the package is found to be discouraged, it should not be purchased.

Reminder: many children like puffed food. Fat, carbohydrate and protein are the main components of puffed food.

Although puffed food tastes delicious, it belongs to food with high fat, high heat and low crude fiber from the perspective of composition structure.

China puffy snack factory says from the analysis of dietary structure, it has certain defects and can only be eaten occasionally.

Long term consumption of a large number of puffed foods will cause high oil and heat intake and insufficient crude fiber intake.

If you do not exercise enough, it will cause fat accumulation and obesity. Children eat a lot of puffed food, which is prone to malnutrition.

China puffy snack factory says moreover, puffed food is generally high in salt and monosodium glutamate, which will easily lead to hypertension and cardiovascular disease in adulthood.


Biscuits are divided into crisp biscuits, crackers, cookies, sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, egg rolls and so on.

When purchasing, consumers should first choose the products produced by large supermarkets and well-known enterprises.

Second, we should buy products with good packaging quality.

Good product packaging can avoid secondary pollution caused in the process of circulation; Third, we should buy products within the warranty period, preferably products close to those produced on the same day.

Pabrik makanan ringan bengkak Cina

China puffy snack factory says talk about jelly

China puffy snack factory says jelly is a favorite food for children. Due to its rich profits and relatively simple processing, many small enterprises have joined the production team, which not only makes this kind of products develop rapidly, but also brings the problem of uneven product quality.

When purchasing jelly, first, select products with complete marks such as product name, ingredient list, net content, factory name, factory address, production date, product standard and shelf life, and try to buy them in some large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation, so as to ensure better quality products.

Second, it depends on the color of jelly. Those brightly colored jelly often add more pigment. Although it is very attractive, it is harmful for children to eat too much.

Third, it depends on whether preservatives and sweeteners are added to the ingredients. Preservatives and sweeteners in products belong to synthetic additives, and eating too much is also harmful.

China puffy snack factory says talk about candy

China puffy snack factory says when purchasing candy, we should start from the following aspects: the appearance and color of candy should be normal, uniform and bright, the aroma should be pure, the taste should be moderate, and there should be no other peculiar smell.

The appearance of candy shall be correct, the edges shall be neat, there shall be no corner cracks, the surface shall be bright and smooth, the patterns shall be clear, the size and thickness shall be uniform, and there shall be no obvious deformation. Candy should be free of visible impurities.

Hard candy: the tissue surface of hard and brittle candy should be bright and transparent, non stick packaging paper, and free of large bubbles and impurities.

 Crisp candy shall be white in color or have the color of the variety, crisp, non stick teeth, non stick paper, and have uniform pores in the section.

Milk candy: colloidal candy should have smooth surface, fine and smooth taste, moderate hardness and softness, non stick teeth, non stick paper and elasticity.

Non colloidal candy has fine surface, uniform crystallization, no roughness, moderate hardness, no teeth and paper.

Soft candy: Agar candy is soft and moderate, not sticky to teeth and without hard skin. Among them, crystal soft candy is bright and transparent, not soft and collapse, and slightly elastic.

There is dense and uniform fine granulated sugar on the surface of colored soft candy, which is soft and refreshing. Such as sour horn cake, passion fruit pie, etc.

Pectin starch candy tastes tough and soft, does not stick to teeth, does not stick to paper, and is slightly chewy.

China puffy snack factory says there are uniform fine sand grains on the sugar surface, and the sugar body is translucent. The sorghum malt is elastic and can be retracted by stretching half; Gelatin candy has smooth and delicate surface, no wrinkle skin bubbles, full of elasticity and soft entrance.

Sandwich candy: crisp heart candy with uniform sugar skin, no teeth, no paper, no broken skin and stuffing, loose and crisp, neat mercerized lines and clear sandwich layers.

The sugar skin of jam heart candy is even and thick, and does not stick to teeth or paper. There is no phenomenon of broken skin and exposed filling.

 The skin is crisp and the filling heart is fine; The candy skin of powder heart candy is even, crisp, not sticky to teeth, paper, skin and heart.

Pure chocolate candy: the surface is smooth, shiny, not white, the profile is tight, there is no obvious pores of more than 1mm, the taste is fine and smooth, no life, no roughness.

Sandwich chocolate candy: the surface is smooth, shiny, not white, and the coating is uniform, but thick or too thin. All kinds of sandwich chocolate candy have their own unique taste.

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