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Jumping candy is a kind of recreational food. The carbon dioxide contained in jumping candy is heated in the mouth and vaporized to generate thrust, which makes jumping candy particles jump in the mouth. 

The feature and selling point of jumping candy is that the funny candy particles added with carbonated gas crackle on the tongue! This product became popular as soon as it was launched and became a favorite of children.

When making jump candy, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas is added to the hot syrup. Carbon dioxide gas forms tiny, high-pressure bubbles in sugar.

Mini Fruity Popping Candy

Nomor barang KY-P0013
Ukuran paket 2g*80pcs*30bags/CTN
Ukuran Kotak Luar: 64*23.5*25.5 cm
Rasa campur rasa buah (sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan)
Umur simpan 24 bulan

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