China pressed candy factory talks about pressed candy

China pressed candy factory explain specific definition and classification

Tablet candy is classified into the category of 1301 candy.

Tablet candy is a solid candy made from sugar or syrup (powder) or sweetener through mixing, granulation or non granulation, press molding and other related processes.

China pressed candy factory says that as can be seen from the definition, tablet candy is made by a series of processes with sugar, syrup or sweetener as the main raw materials.

China pressed candy factory says that according to the processing method of pressed candy and its sugar surface:

1. Solid tablet candy: a tablet candy without sugar body.

2. Sandwich type tablet candy: a tablet candy with a sandwich in the sugar body.

3. Coated, coated and polished tablet candy: surface coated, coated and polished tablet candy.

4. Other types of pressed candy.

At present, tablet candy can be seen everywhere in the market, such as mint candy we often eat, and some clear mouth buccal tablets made of vitamin C.

Enterprises will also add vitamins, minerals and new food raw materials to tabled candy, such as milk calcium tabled candy, blueberry lutein ester tabled candy and okra tabled candy.

These tabled candy are easy to carry and are also favored by consumers.

China pressed candy factory says that because the composition and form will be similar to tablet health food, consumers are confused about them.

China pressed candy factory

China pressed candy factory says pressed candy requires a high sugar boiling temperature

Formula of pressed candy

Maltol (liquid 65 to 70%, crystal 50 to 60%), xylitol 5 to 10%, ismaltol alcohol 35 to 40%, peppermint essence 0.2%, menthol 0.2%, vanillin 0.1%, edible pigment 0.1%, monoglyceride 0.1%.

Equipment requirements of produce pressed candy

The sugar free hard candy produced from sugar alcohol raw materials requires a high sugar boiling temperature.

At present, the general steam pressure of domestic vacuum film sugar boiling and pouring production line is 6kg / cm2.

Under this pressure, it is difficult to completely remove the water in sugar alcohol solution, and the water content is difficult to meet the requirement of less than 2%.

Therefore, the pressure of sugar boiling equipment is required to be higher than 6kg / cm2.

At the same time, due to the high sugar boiling temperature of sugar alcohol, the cooling time of sugar solution is longer than that of ordinary candy.

In this way, the requirements of prolonging the cooling cabinet and cooling time for the pouring production line should also be put forward, so that the product can meet the process requirements of hardening and easy demoulding.

Production process key said by China pressed candy factory

Key to texture: soluble sugar

China pressed candy factory says that although maltitol is easily soluble in water, enough water is required for isomaltulol to dissolve.

If the amount of sugar water is small and isomaltulol does not dissolve completely, it will have a certain impact on the texture of sugar body after sugar boiling.

The key to form maintenance: boiling sugar

The water content of sugar free candy can be lower than 2% only when the temperature of boiling sugar is above 170 ℃.

In the vacuum film sugar boiling equipment, the steam pressure and vacuum degree must be increased to remove the water in the sugar solution, so as to meet the requirement that the final water content of the product is less than 2%.

The key to seasoning: mixing

China pressed candy factory says that because the sugar syrup temperature after boiling is usually higher than 140 degrees, the flavor is volatilized before pouring the production line.

Therefore, we should choose flavors with good temperature tolerance or increase the consumption of flavors and keep the fragrance requirements of the products.

Key to production efficiency: cooling

During pouring, the humidity of the sugar solution after boiling and injection is high, so the cooling time should be extended accordingly in the cooling process to make the sugar particles solidify and set to meet the requirements of demoulding.

By changing the production process and changing the molding equipment, sugar free hard candy can also be produced, such as fruit hard candy, fruit sandwich hard candy, low-energy milk (Caramel) hard candy, low-energy coffee (Caramel) hard candy, etc.