China toy candy factory explain wedding candies knowledge

How to pack wedding candy? Packaging depends on what kind of packaging bag you choose, including paper, yarn, cloth, iron box, etc. Let’s see how many wedding candies are generally packed on the wedding day?

Modern wedding candies are carefully packed in gift boxes. The packaging pays attention to a lot, such as the matching of quantity and varieties. Here is a China toy candy factory to explain how to pack wedding candies?

China toy candy factory explain How to pack wedding candy

China toy candy factory said that the packaging of happy candy is mainly composed of packaging boxes and types of happy candy.

The usual candy is the common white rabbit milk candy, chocolate and fruit candy. In addition, some areas are used to adding dried fruits such as red dates and longan.

In terms of packaging, the most common ones are cartons. In addition, innovative ones include cloth bags, glass bottles and iron boxes. In fact, the above packaging boxes can be specially customized to print the words or even photos you want to print.

You don’t need to rack your brains for packing boxes. Generally, you choose your favorite style online, and then go to an online store to buy some, go home to see the specific style, and then mass customize. This is the simplest way. Of course, you can also go to the happy candy market to investigate in person.

China toy candy factory

How many wedding candies do people usually pack on wedding day


China toy candy factory said that the number of happy candy is even. After all, good things come in pairs. The common numbers are 6, 8, 10 and 12.

The number of happy candy is also closely related to the budget of the new couple. Generally, it is good to choose the number of candy suitable for your budget.

Generally speaking, if the happy candy is large, put less and more if the happy candy is small. Try to fill the happy candy box as much as possible, which also has the meaning of roundness and smoothness.

Conclusion: the above is all about how to package wedding candy and how many wedding candy are generally installed on the wedding day. Think that after reading this article, you also know more about the packaging of wedding candy.