Doces duros da China mostram pontos-chave do processo de fabricação de açúcar

China hard candy explain producing key points of hard candy

Key to texture: soluble sugar

Rebuçados chineses says that although maltitol is easily soluble in water, enough water is required for isomaltulol to dissolve.

If the amount of sugar water is small and isomaltulol does not dissolve completely, it will have a certain impact on the texture of sugar body after sugar boiling.

The key to form maintenance: boiling sugar

China hard candy says that the water content of sugar free candy can be lower than 2% only when the temperature of boiling sugar is above 170 ℃.

In the vacuum film sugar boiling equipment, the steam pressure and vacuum degree must be increased to remove the water from the sugar solution, so as to meet the requirement that the water content of the product is less than 2%.

The key to seasoning: mixing

China hard candy says that because the sugar syrup temperature after boiling is usually higher than 140 degrees, the flavor is volatilized before pouring the production line.

Therefore, we should choose flavors with good temperature tolerance or increase the consumption of flavors and keep the fragrance requirements of the products.

Key to production efficiency: cooling

Rebuçados chineses

China hard candy says that during pouring, the humidity of the sugar solution after boiling and injection is high, so the cooling time should be extended accordingly in the cooling process to make the sugar particles solidify and set to meet the requirements of demoulding.

China hard candy says that by changing the production process and changing the molding equipment, sugar free hard candy can also be produced, such as fruit hard candy, fruit sandwich hard candy, low-energy milk (Caramel) hard candy, low-energy coffee (Caramel) hard candy, etc.

Sugar free candy in the candy industry is developing rapidly

Abroad, it is said that Egyptians used honey, figs and dates to make simple candy for more than 1000 BC.

China hard candy says that in Europe, first in the area around Rome, manufacturers wrapped an almond with honey and dried it in the sun to get sugar coated almonds.

Since then, in 1600, the French successfully coated the surface of almonds with multiple layers of solid sugar coating.

In 1701, nougat appeared in France. Since then, there have been Apple candy (applesauce added to maltose) and so on.

China hard candy says that however, due to its high price, only the nobility could taste candy until the 18th century.

In the mid-18th century, the Germans successfully extracted granulated sugar from sugar beets.

Since then, with the rise of colonial trade, sucrose began to popularize, many candy manufacturers began to produce candy on a large scale, and candy began to enter the life of ordinary people.

China hard candy says that In the middle of the 20th century, the modern candy industry began to develop.

Candy technologists, chemists and engineers introduced modern scientific and technological achievements into the ancient candy production.

Various advanced technologies made the production of all kinds of candy enter the era of continuity, automation and computerization.

With the rapid development of the candy industry, tooth problems caused by eating sugar began to appear gradually.

Because children in cities eat too much sugar, their teeth are rarely intact. Doctors and scientists began to realize the relationship between sucrose and dental caries.

Since the 1970s, the influence of sucrose on the formation of dental caries has been increasingly recognized by people.

Opening up sugar free candy has become the development direction of the candy industry. In the 1970s, the United States used xylitol, sorbitol and other non sucrose raw materials to produce gum based sugar.

Since then, more and more candy varieties have replaced sucrose, and sugar alcohol has become the main raw material of sugar free candy because of its good flavor, low calorific value and anti caries effect.

In order to solve the problem of dental caries caused by traditional candy, a new sugar free candy was produced by pouring process with xylitol and maltitol as raw materials.

China hard candy says that the process flow is as follows:

Formula of sugar free candy: xylitol 4kg, maltitol 6kg, edible flavor 5-6G, citric acid 21g, and appropriate amount of edible pigment.

The candy body produced has shiny appearance and hard texture.

It is divided into three layers. The upper and lower layers of maltitol wrap xylitol in the middle.

The shape is oval and very beautiful.

Xylitol and maltitol are used as raw materials to produce sugar free candy, which has low sweetness, obvious cool feeling in the entrance, fresh and unique flavor, suitable for all ages, especially for those who are contraindicated to sucrose and children to prevent dental caries.

China hard candy says that candy produced with sugar alcohol as raw material can effectively prevent dental caries and stabilize blood sugar.

It not only retains the excellent sweetness of traditional candy, but also highlights the functionality and health of candy.

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