Best three China lollipop manufacturers

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    The first China lollipop manufacturer is Shantou Kingyang Foods Co., Ltd.

    Como China lollipop manufacturer, ingyang has an experience team with high responsibility for our clients.

    Com preço competitivo, bom atendimento e rapidez na entrega, temos confiança para fornecer os melhores produtos aos nossos clientes.

    As China lollipop manufacturer, We hope to establish the business relationships with our clients and create a better future together!

    As China lollipop manufacturer, Kingyang’ve been in candy industry for about a decade, learning the entire way, but never changing our values.

    Estabelecido em 2003, fornecendo um serviço estável e bem sucedido e provando que somos confiáveis e de longo prazo.

    As China lollipop manufacturer, Shantou Kingyang Foods Co., Ltd. is an active and passionate company located in Shantou. We are dealing with the production and exportation of candy & sweet.

    Nossos produtos incluem balas de leite, balas duras, chicletes e balas de mascar.

    Temos nossa própria fábrica para produzir todos esses tipos de produtos. Nossos produtos vendem bem para a América do Sul, África, Oriente Médio, Sudeste Asiático e Europa.

    Além disso, continuamos nos aprimorando para atender às novas demandas do mercado e às exigências dos clientes.

    China lollipop manufacturer

    O segundo China lollipop manufacturer is Guoningduo

    As China lollipop manufacturer, Guoningduo company is a children’s leisure food company integrating product development, marketing and brand operation.

    With the mission of “happy and delicious”, guoningduo is committed to producing delicious and happy snack food for all friends, big and small.

    As China lollipop manufacturer, We give each product a fairy tale dream with love.

    In guoningduo’s world, we not only provide delicious and healthy food, but also bring us the wonderful fun of colorful fairy tales.

    People not only enjoy the sweetness brought by candy and snacks, but also play with our animation IP.

    These familiar classic cartoon shapes accompany our growth. Guoningduo condenses the happiness of growth into colorful and delicious.

    Among them, “Guoning CC fruit roll”, “sure enough polysaccharide play series” and “Guoning roll” are loved by the majority of children.

    At the same time, Guoning multi brand has become the spokesman of domestic fruit roll products.

    So far, it has produced dozens of products, including candy, chocolate, Guoning, fruit roll and so on, wholeheartedly creating a delicious and healthy world for all children.

    O terceiro China lollipop manufacturer is Trolli

    MEDERER GROUP, founded in 1948, is one of the leading gummy candy manufacturers in the world.

    Specializing in the production of gummy candy, MEDERER GROUP has developed into a multinational corporation with 4 factories in Germany, Spain and China and its products have been sold to more than 70 countries all over the world.

    As lollipop manufacturer, Trolliis a brand owned by MEDERER GROUP since 1979. Products have been sold to dozens of countries for more than 40 years.

    As lollipop manufacturer, Trolli gives especially superb importance to high quality and innovation, producing unique and interesting products, such as mini burger, pizza, sour fries, cola bottle, colorful lizards and sea creatures, which are always loved by adults and children.

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