Atacadista de doces macios da China explica o tipo de caixa de doces de casamento dos doces

Wedding candy is a necessary item for marriage since ancient times, implying the sweetness of newlyweds. What kind of wedding candy do you want? How to choose the taste?

China soft candy wholesaler said that wedding candy is mainly meant to be sweet. Traditional happy candy is divided into four kinds. Now there are many kinds of candy.

What kind of candy is usually put in the wedding candy box?

China soft candy wholesaler said that the number of happy candy should be even as far as possible, and good things come in pairs.

The packaging of happy candy shall be red as far as possible, which is more festive. 

China soft candy wholesaler

China soft candy wholesaler explain wedding candy is generally milk candy, fruit mixed sugar, crisp sugar and chocolate, mainly hard candy and soft candy.

Milk candy: choose big brands, original milk candy, pure milk flavor.

Fruit mixed sugar: there are many orange, strawberry and peach. The taste of fruit sugar is suitable and the public likes to eat it.

China soft candy wholesaler said that since it is a happy candy, there should be some packaging for the candy. It is a happy candy with the word “double happiness” written on it. Happy candy is to be sweet.

When buying wedding candy, you must choose a candy with good quality, beautiful appearance and delicious taste. Use some simple and good-looking packaging bags or boxes to package all kinds of candy.

First of all, the number of wedding candies should be even, which means that they are in pairs. Therefore, the number of wedding candies must be even.

Thirdly, the shape and packaging of happy candy should be different, otherwise it will appear very rigid, and the color should be mainly red to highlight the wedding celebration.

Secondly, candy should meet the tastes of guests of different ages. Children like to eat hard candy or milk candy, while the elderly generally like to eat crisp candy or soft candy if they have bad teeth. If conditions permit, they can also put some chocolate candy.

Finally, there is another thing to pay attention to. First determine the number and brand of happy candy, and then determine the packaging according to the size of candy, because if the number of candy is small, it doesn’t look good, but if the number of candy is large, it’s also very annoying that the packaging can’t fit.

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