Китайский производитель жидких конфет: классификация конфет и соответствующее введение

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    Китайский производитель жидких конфет says candy – Candy usually refers to a sweet solid food with different nutrients, different physical states, quality characteristics and flavors, which is resistant to storage, with a variety of sugars (carbohydrates) or chocolate as the basic ingredients.

    China liquid candy manufacturer talk about Hard candy

    Hard candy – this kind of candy is boiled at high temperature. It contains high dry solids and low retained moisture, and its texture is firm and crisp.

    The quality characteristics of sugar paste boiled to high concentration can be changed after different processing before forming.

    Китайский производитель жидких конфет

    China liquid candy manufacturer talk about burnt candy

    China liquid candy manufacturer says Burnt candy – this kind of candy is also made by boiling at high temperature, but more dairy products and fat are added to the ingredients.

    Its process is characterized by carbonyl ammonia condensation reaction in the high temperature area to produce a unique burnt flavor and fine texture.

    The knowledge of Inflatable candy

    Inflatable candy – this kind of candy material has a lower boiling degree than hard candy and burnt candy.

    China liquid candy manufacturer says The ingredients are added with foaming agent, dairy products and a certain amount of fat.

    After the sugar paste is boiled to the appropriate concentration, it is inflated through mechanical stirring or stretching to form a sugar body containing countless fine bubbles, with white and shiny appearance, fine and loose texture, certain elasticity and chewability.

    The knowledge of Gel candy

    Gel candy – gelatin candy, also known as soft sweets, contains a class of important functional ingredients: gel.

    China liquid candy manufacturer says Carbohydrate is composed of gel network formed by gel. The sugar body is soft and sticky. Commonly used gels are starch, pectin, gelatin and so on.

    Chocolate products – chocolate products are a kind of special sugary food mainly composed of cocoa products.

    Generally, there is no boiling process, but special processes such as fine grinding, refining and temperature regulation are required.

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