China liquid candy wholesaler talk about consumption upgrading of China’s Candy Market

Оптовая продажа жидких конфет в Китае says New year’s day and Spring Festival are approaching, and candy manufacturers are entering a new round of active preparations.

Consumption upgrading in the Chinese market is the general trend, and the upgrading of Chinese consumers is faster than that in Europe and the United States.

China liquid candy wholesaler says Now everyone is talking about consumption upgrading, but consumption upgrading can not be simply understood as asking consumers to buy more expensive and luxurious things.

Nowadays, including the food industry, with more and more imported goods, the rapid development of e-commerce and more opportunities to go abroad, there are more choices for Chinese people, and they become more rational in consumption.

In the candy industry, this consumption upgrading is also the general trend. We can’t simply hope consumers to buy more expensive and luxurious candy and chocolate.

China liquid candy wholesaler says They hope to get more new experiences and choices, and their tastes are becoming more and more “picky”.

The Chinese market is really big and attractive. However, in recent years, with the upgrading of market consumption, the candy produced locally in China will be challenged.

Оптовая продажа жидких конфет в Китае

China liquid candy wholesaler talk about says China’s children’s candy market is full of challenges

According to the data, at present, China’s candy market has formed a huge industry with an annual output of more than 1.3 million tons and a sales revenue of more than 35 billion yuan.

China liquid candy wholesaler says Among them, the segment market of children’s candy is the most promising for people in the industry.

Children’s candy market is rapidly attracting the “hearts” of consumers with many distinct advantages such as “personalized packaging, miniaturization of specifications and diversified tastes”.

China liquid candy wholesaler says Throughout the development of children’s candy market, it also faces many problems, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Low threshold access;

2. Brand concentration is not high;

3. Serious product homogenization;

4. Lack of technical support, did not form their own unique core competitiveness of enterprise products;

5. The influence of enterprise brand power on sales is becoming more and more obvious.

In addition, although China’s children’s candy market is full of challenges, there are still two points worthy of attention:

First, firmly control health and nutrition

China liquid candy wholesaler says After experiencing the competition of quality and taste, the candy industry has become more and more mature.

At present, it is moving towards the competition of function, appearance and so on.

However, with the change of lifestyle and the improvement of living standards, people have paid more and more attention to health, so the consumption of candy also shows the demand for health and nutrition.

Since enterprises choose the market of children’s candy, what they need to pay great attention to is the “health” level, because from the perspective of target consumer groups, children are the future and children are hope.

China liquid candy wholesaler says This is a problem that parents and even the whole country attach great importance to, so enterprises must pay special attention to this!

Second, resist the phenomenon of short epidemic cycle

Whether for the children’s candy market or other categories, the short popularity cycle has always been a concern, because as long as the new products come out, the products are easy to be followed and imitated by peers, and fall into a strange circle at any time.

China liquid candy wholesaler says The above two points are not only aimed at the problems that the children’s candy market needs to face, but also the problems that the whole market needs to face.

This reminds enterprises that, on the one hand, they should give full play to the subjective initiative and creativity of product developers through continuous innovation and technology support.

On the other hand, we should also learn to adjust measures to local conditions, make our own characteristics and build our own characteristic brand. Without innovation, there will be no growth!

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