Jelly & Gummy

Jelly is a kind of Western sweets, semi-solid, made of edible gelatin, water, sugar, juice. Also known as gel, the appearance of crystal clear, bright color, taste soft and smooth. Jelly is completely coagulated by gelation of gelatin, and different moulds can be used to produce products with different styles and shapes.

In general, jelly products are made through processing procedures such as jelly liquid modulation, mold loading and refrigeration.

The preparation method of jelly liquid is relatively simple. Generally, the gelatin is soaked first, then it is melted in water, and then the required ingredients are added, that is, it is mixed into jelly liquid. According to the different coagulating materials, there are two common methods for the preparation of jelly: using jelly powder or using gelatin.

Christmas Tree Fruity Sweet Jelly Gummy Candy

หมายเลขสินค้า KY-L0111
ขนาดบรรจุ 65g*30pcs*8boxes/CTN
ขนาดกล่องด้านนอก 41.5*31*45.5 cm
ลิ้มรส รสผลไม้รวม (ตามที่ลูกค้าต้องการ)
อายุการเก็บรักษา 24 เดือน

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